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Most vet assistants dress in scrubs.


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what does a veterinary assistant usually wear?

Yes, in general a veterinary technician would be paid more than a veterinary assistant.

If you have gone to school to be a Veterinary Office Assistant, a Veterinary Assistant, or a Veterinary Technician, then yes. If not, your chances are low. I'm currently a Veterinary Technology student and I'm having a hard time.

Veterinary assistants are people who assist veterinarians and veterinary technicians in providing veterinary care but who do not meet the requirements to be a veterinarian or veterinary technician.

The position of veterinary assistant is an entry-level position for veterinary staff and there are no required skills or education. However, experience with animals is highly valued.

You can get started on your veterinary assistant career with no formal educational requirements. Veterinary assistants receive on-the-job training only and you can look for positons on websites such as

Veterinary assisting is an entry-level position with no legal requirements for education or credentialing. There are veterinary assistant certification programs, but these are voluntary and of variable benefit.

following the inforamtion will provide you th requirement for the veterinary assistant. you can visit on

You can earn a veterinary assistant degree online at Community Care College based out of Oklahoma. If you are seeking a Canadian school, you can take the Animal Sciences program at ICS Canada which will help you with your veterinary assistant career.

You can go to Pima Medical Institute and get a certificate for Veterinary Assistant in 30-34 weeks

There aren't standard hours for a veterinary assistant. The work schedule will depend on the hours of operation of the veterinary facility, the number of employees, etc. Veterinary assistants may work days, nights, weekends, holidays, etc.

Veterinary assistants get paid anywhere from minimum wage to $14 an hour in the US. The reason for the variation is that there are no legal requirements for special education or training for veterinary assistants and in many states there are legal limits set on what a veterinary assistant may do in a veterinary practice. Experience also plays a part in what pay rate is given to an assistant.

You do not have to attend college to become a veterinary assistant. Veterinary assisting is an entry level position and no state requires any special education or training for veterinary assistants.

Choosing a career as a veterinary technician means caring for all kinds ... Learn what you need to do to become a certified veterinary technician. ... Veterinary Tech Training Information Find out how to choose the right ... Learn about getting into the field as a veterinary assistant and the duties they perform. ...

Many veterinary hospitals will train veterinary assistants themselves, so it is possible to get a job as a veterinary assistant without any experience. However it would help you get a job as a veterinary assistant if you have experience taking care of animals, cleaning and providing customer service since those are the main job responsibilities of inexperienced veterinary assistants.

A veterinarian is a medical doctor and a veterinary technician is not, so the veterinary technician is limited to acting as an assistant to the veterinarian.

You need a high school diploma for pretty much any decent job (yes, that includes veterinary assistant).

There are few or none specific education requirements for a veterinary assistant. They mostly rely upon on the job training.

This will depend on the laws where the veterinary assistant lives and works. Generally veterinary assistants are only going to be sedating, anesthetizing or monitoring anesthesia under the direct supervision of a veterinarian. Veterinary assistant is an entry-level position and there are no formal education or training requirements (in the US) therefore most veterinary assistants are not equiped through knowledge and experience to make decisions concerning anesthesia or sedation.

In the United States, you are not required to take any college classes to be a veterinary ASSISTANT - this is a lay position that does not have any formal training requirements. There are many college degrees to become a veterinary TECHNICIAN, which is what I would recommend you pursue if this is your dream. Veterinary technicians are typically paid better than veterinary assistants, and they have more responsibilities and duties than a veterinary assistant does. However, if you want to learn more to be a better veterinary assistant, I would suggest taking courses related to biology - zoology, botany, microbiology, etc. Some chemistry classes would be helpful too.

No, veterinary assisting is an entry-level position with no state requiring education or credentialing.

In the United States, there are no educational or training requirements for becoming a veterinary assistant. This is an entry-level position and training is generally done on the job. There are classes that can be taken in high school and through different colleges and university that can give you an advantage for finding a job as a veterinary assistant. When choosing a veterinary assisting program, it is best to look for one that is offered by a veterinary medical association or a college that also has an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited veterinary technology program.

No, veterinary technicians are people who typically have a degree in veterinary technology (though they may have an associated degree) and have met the credentialing requirements to work as a veterinary technician in a particular state. Typically that means that they have passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam in the US and likely also a state board exam. A veterinary assistant is someone who works in a veterinary facility but has not met the requirements to be credentialed as a veterinary technician. Veterinary assistants are typically trained on-the-job though there are voluntary educational opportunites. All of these programs offer certification as a veterinary assistant, but this certification is not legally recognized or required by any state in the US.

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