What does a viper eat?

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A viper eats small mammals, lizards

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Q: What does a viper eat?
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Related Questions

What does a viper snake eat?

they eat mice

What does a green bush viper eat?

They eat flies

How much does a gaboon viper eat?

A viper eats almost 20 pounds a day

Can dolphins eat viper fishes?


Can you eat a bush viper?

If you can catch him.

What does an aspic viper eat?

They eat rats,humans,and spiders

What do Matilda's horned viper eat?

they eat frogs by streams

What does a gaboon viper eat?

a gaboon viper eats small rodents such as mice and baby birds!!!!

What does the Saw Scaled Viper eat?

the saw scaled viper eats small mammals lizards

Can a viper fish eat a whale?

no it can't

What does the gaboon viper eat?

it eats leaves

What does the African bush viper eat?


What is the viper snake's natural diet?

the diet of a viper is actually a very compelled it will probably eat corn of vegetables

What does the Horned Viper eat in the desert?

The Horned Desert Viper eats rodents, lizards and other small animals

What do the viper snake eat to live?

Most vipers eat small rodents.

What does a pit viper eat?

Insects and small mammals.

Does a horned viper eat kangaroo rats?


When does a rhinoceros viper snake grow there horn?

to eat

What do bamboo viper snakes eat?

birds and lizards

What do viper eat?

Vipers eat any kind of small mammals, birds or reptiles

What viper eat about?

Please learn to write and resubmit the question.

How often does horned viper eat?

severl times a day

What animals eat viperfishes?

Dolphin, sharks and dragon fish tend to eat viper fish.

What food does the viper snake eat?

The viper snakes food is small mammals, lizards and small birds. They are very quick in capturing the pray.

What does a desert horned viper eat?

rats and other small roedents