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There is no way to visibly tell the difference between a virgin and a non-virgin.

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Q: What does a virgin girl look like?
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What does the penis of a virgin look like?

The penis of a virgin does not look any different than the penis of someone who is not a virgin.

How does a unvirgin girl look?

Virgin or not they all look the same.

How does a girl look if she is not a virgin?

No different than any other girl

How do you recognize when a girl is a virgin?

look at her mige

Do girls like virgin nerdy and confident guys you would like to hear from girls?

Girls dont mind if their virgin unless its a popular.If ur nerdy uh.....look hot unless its another nerdy girl. Confident yes

How you can check a woman that she is virgin without touching?

Look for the scared look in her eyes. Im A Girl. I Know The Look.

Is it problematic to penetrate a virgin girl?

no its like regular non virgin sex and feels great for her

What does kaite prise look like?

she looks naked and not virgin she looks naked and not virgin

How can you know a girl is a virgin or not whom you dont know?

well it really depends on if they are mature or not. I know this girl who is a virgin and she still acts like a little kid! Then again I know a girl who is not a virgin and she acts like she is 18. you can tell by the way they act, if they still act like a little kid, or if they act mature, older than they really are. ! ((::

In Tenacious D The Pick Of Destiny the devil sings- I'll make em squeal like a scarlet pimpernel This meaning what?

Well if u get the spanish subtites ( a scarelet pimpernel is a) Virgin Girl

What is the difference between a virgin girl and one that is not?

A 'virgin' is someone who has not had sex so a virgin girl is a girl that hasn't had sexual intercourse a girl that is not a virgin has had sex either once or more.

How do you know a girl is a virgin?

the only way to to tell if a girl is a virgin is to simply ask her if she is a virgin

What do you mean by virgin girl?

A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.A virgin girl is one that has not yet had sexual intercourse.

If you stick your penis inside a girl like 3 times is she still a virgin?

Obviously, she is not a virgin. It still counts as sexual intercourse.

When is a girl not a virgin anymore?

When a girl has vaginal sex, she is no longer a virgin.

If girl and boy has interaction between them and girl is virgin than girl can be pregnant?

if she is a virgin then no but she can get pregnant

How do you know if a girl is a virgin during sex?

Well the first time a girl haves sex it would normally hurt. So if she looks like she's in pain then she might b a virgin

How do you look like a girl?

You dont look like the new girl at truesdell named cierra.

What does American Girl Dolll Kanani Akina Look Like?

She does NOT look like a Hawaiian girl!

What is a Mormon virgin?

A Mormon girl who is a virgin is the same as any other virgin girl. One who has not had any sexual relations.

Why do guys look at me different because I am a virgin?

cuz guys act like theyre in prison. a virgin is like a new inmate to them and they think they have to harass you because of your virginity

Dos Justin Bieber like a girl?

No he does not look like a girl no boys look like girls cuz there a boy:)

What if a girl look it you and you like her?

You are the twins of that girl who looks like you

Is mason musso a virgin?

No He Is Not!!!!He Almost had Sex With A Girl!!!!And His Music Doesnt Sound Like He Is!!!!

Is it harmful for a boy to suck a virgin girl's nipples?

Yes it's not like he's cutting them off!