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What does a wedding garter symbolize?


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July 28, 2011 3:08PM

Today, garters symbolize mystery and virginity, especially if it is blue, and well hidden under layers of crinoline!

There are two types of garters. One is a belt garter. The other type is one for each leg.

Years ago women wore garters to keep their stockings up (perhaps some still do!). So they don't really symbolize anything. But on the wedding night the bridegroom would have a nice surprise to find his bride wearing brightly colored leg garters, or just one, worn on a part of the leg that is not normally exposed to the general public! So this would be something special, just for him! (Her little secret!)

Garters are available in many different colors and styles. The particular color chosen can be interpreted as meaning something, but often the style/color selected is just a matter of personal preference.

  • Bachelors are gathered to wait for the groom to throw the bride's garter and whoever catches the garter will be the next one married.
  • The bride wears her garter approximately 2 inches above the knee. The reason she wears the garter is purely traditions ... near the end before the bride and groom go upstairs to change into other clothes before going away on their wedding night the bride will be seated on a chair (music ... generally stripping music) will be played and groom will kneel down; lift the bride's dress up a bit and take the garter off. Once the groom has the garter he will throw it towards the group of bachelors and the bachelor that catches the garter is suppose to be the next one married.