What does abu mean in arabic?

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What does the Arabic 'abu' mean?


What do abu in Islam mean?

Father of It is not an Islam term. It's an Arabic word

What does abu salim mean in English?

It is Arabic. It means father of Salim (proper name).

What languages are spoken in Abu Dhabi?

Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam.Abu Dhabi is an Arabic city. however, it has many nationalities. the most languges used are Arabic & English.

How do you say father of zacharia in Arabic?

abu zakariyya

What has the author Faruk Abu-Charca written?

Faruk Abu-Charca has written: 'Arabic around the world'

How do you write the word abu dhabi in Arabic?

أبو ظبي

What has the author Abu Bakr Bagader written?

Abu Bakr Bagader has written: 'Voices of change' -- subject(s): Translations into English, Arabic Short stories, Arabic fiction, Women authors

What has the author Samy Abu-Taleb written?

Samy Abu-Taleb has written: 'Conversational Arabic in 7 Days' -- subject(s): Arabic language, Conversation and phrase books, English

How do you say father in Arabic?

Abb, Abu, or Yabba (for endearment, in slang)

Who was the first to write the Arabic grammar?

Abu-Aswad al Duali

What is the meaning of abu huraira?

abu in arabic can be used in several waysit could mean "the father of"it could mean "the one who has"it could mean "the one who is "Huraira means "kitten". Herra means "cat"so abu huraira means "the one who has the kitten"In Islamic history ,one of the prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) companions had this nickname because when he was young he had a small kitten carrying it with him, so his pals called him "the one who has the kitten" ( abu Huraira)

What is the meaning of Abu Raihan in Arabic?

Abu Raihan is a person's name, specifically a Persian polymath. Literally, Abu Raihan (أبو الريحان) means "The Father of Basil" (Basil - the herb)

What has the author FARUK ABU-CHACRA written?


What does esh mean in Arabic?

It mean What, in slang Arabic

What are some Arabic names that begin with the letter A?

Amina, Asma, Ahmad, Abu-bakar, and more!!!

How do you say sphinx in Arabic?

Abu al-Hawl, meaning "Father of Terror"أبو الهول

What does Cheyenne mean in Arabic?

Wht does cheyenne mean in arabic

What does it mean mean people in Arabic?

Mean in Arabic is : La2eem pronounced " Laeem " .

Is aneeqa a Muslim name?

Aneeqa is an Arabic name (أنيقة) which means elegant and fahionable. Abu Zahra

What does Jennifer mean in Arabic?

Jennifer does not derive from Arabic, so it has no meaning in Arabic. You can transliterate Jennifer into Arabic as Jinifir (جينيفير), but it does not mean anything.

What does the name Nazia mean in Arabic?

nazia mean pride in Arabic

What are the roles of abu sa'id alkhudri?

Abu Sa'id Alkhudri is known for being a narrator for the Quran and the Hadith. The Hadith is the Arabic word for transferring in various amounts of information from one to another.

What does Abu Sitta mean for Muslims?

In Arabic' Abu means father and sitta means six. Translated it actually means father of six. The Abu Sitta family primarily received this name because around the year 1700, a well known knight of the large Al-Tarabeen tribe always had six slaves (i.e. fedawyah, bodygaurds), 3 on each side, with him. They were with him wherever he went, day or night. Hence the name "ABU SITTA."

What does zebi mean in Arabic?

Zebi is not from Arabic, so it means nothing in Arabic.