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What does act mean?

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Act means you pretend to do something that is not reallly you or true thanks coco

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How do bees act?

bees can act mean but they can be nice to

What does concentration mean does it mean the act of thinking?

the act of thinking and calulating for the situation and understand the situation

How do bottlenose dolphins act?

bottlenose dolphins act of aggresion and act very mean.

What does it mean to act hostel?

to act HOSTILE is to act aggressively or defensively towards other people

What does repercussion mean?

it mean to look and act and write out

What does it mean when a someone says to you get a grip?

They mean get your act together.

What audience mean?

the act of hearing .

What does utilisation mean?

The act of using.

What does maintence mean?

the act of maintaining.

What does the root word act mean?

To do

What do giraffs act like?


What does retreat mean?

The act of withdrawing.

What does it mean for a representative to act as a delegate?


What does the suffix -ice mean?

"The act of doing something"-ice refers to 'the act of'.- To serve is to perform the act of service.- To act as a coward is cowardice.

What does sandwich act mean?

It means you dress up as a sandwich and act like one, as in you act like going to be eaten.

What does co-conspirators mean?

it mean helper in a illegal act

What does djfhdhd mean?

it does not mean anything besides the act of djfhdhd.(noun)

What does it mean to act the goat?

Act the goat is a colloquial expression. It means to play the fool.

How do you look and act like a girl?

act girly. Yout know what I mean girlfriend!

What does elatio mean in English?

Exaltation; the act of lifting up; the act of carrying to burial.

What is mean by act?

An act is the volitional movement of a person's body. Unconscious or instinctive acts are not considered volitional. You have to think it for it to be an act.

What are the devices which can act act as input as output?

If you mean, "what devices can act as input and output?" then the answer is Touchscreens. Multifunction scanners/printers DO NOT count.

What does the word interposition mean?

the act of interrupting

What is reservation?

is mean the act of keeping back.

What do you mean by personality?

how i act, characteristics ect.