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Adroit means that you have a very sharp, intelligent mind. It can also mean that you are very good when performing tasks with your hands.

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Why does adroit mean an adept and agile person?

The word adroit comes from the French adroit, which is a form of the phrase "a droit". This means "according to right," from the Latin word directum, which means right or justice.

Sentence with adroit?

Her adroit wit is legendary.

What part of speech is adroit?

Adroit is an adjective.

How do you use the word adriot in a sentence?

Adroit means clever or skillful with your hands.He's adroit at wood carving.She is an adroit magician.

How do you say handy in French?

For a skillful person : adroitAndy is handy : Andy est adroitFor an objectto mean 'near'procheto mean usefulpratique or utileThere are may be other significations in English.

Another word for adroit is?

skillful, adroit, deft, clever

What does the word DEXTROUS mean?

Adjective:Demonstrating neat skill, esp. with the hands.Mentally adroit; clever.Synonyms: dextrous - adroit - deft - skillful - skilful - handy

What is the noun form of adroit?

The noun form of the adjective adroit is adroitness.

Use adroit in a sentence?

Many were also very adroit interms of choosing a school.

Can you Use adroit in a sentence?

Talk about cack-handed! He probably thinks adroit is a city in Michigan.

What is a synonym for adroit?

Synonyms for adroit include able, adept, capable, skillful, dexterous, or agile.

How can you use the word adroit in a sentence?

To be adroit is to be clever, so here's a sample sentence:His new policies worked marvelously well, so John was looked upon as an adroit leader.

What is a sentence that has adroit in it?

The adroit musician could play the guitar for hours without tiring or running out of ideas.

What does dexterous mean?

Dexterous means: "Demonstrating neat skill, especially with the hands; Mentally adroit or clever".

What is adroit in Espanol?


How do you use the word adroit in a sentence?

Jack was very adroit in his response to the numerous questions of his boss. He was quick and accurate with his answers.

Is handy an adjective?

Yes, it is. It can mean convenient, or indicate that someone is capably adroit or proficient (he was handy around the house).

What word can you spell with these letters tidoar?


What is a four letter word for adroit?


What does adroit mean in English?

Literally "to the right", "at the right", or "on the right". Colloquially, it means capable, or poised. (Its antonym "maladroit" means clumsy.)

List of words that mean talented or fantastic?

skilled, skilful, masterful, expert, adept, adroit, dexterous, deft, clever, good, polished

What does adresse mean in French?

Une adresse (fem., single 'd') is an address in English. This is also the quality displayed by someone who is dexterous or adroit.

Another Word for dexterous?

adroit deft nimble

Skillful and adept under pressing conditions?


What another word for dexterous is?

adroit. Follow @Delamuzica