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What does af means in dragon ball z af?


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After future


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Dragon Ball AF is a fanmade anime there is no another creation of dragon ball Z after GT

Dragon Ball af is a Mixed Dragon ball z Mixed Dragon Ball Gt.But Dragon Ball Af never was true any way

in dragon ball af there was but dragon ball af wasnt really "real" (AF is april fools) in the dragon ball z and gt there was only a ssj4 no 5

Dragon ball z af is not real in USA only Japan and you cant buy it!

AF is a made up dragon ball MAN

I am sorry. The dragon ball AF is only can show in japan. They created is on japan. Dragon Ball z, Gt, Af , hoshi are Japanese Saga. There were never other places because they talk Japaneses language you got to japan and buy dragon ball Af. You can watch Dragon ball Z, Kai, Gt and Z Kai.

Dragon Ball AF is suppost to be After Future but DBAF does not excist its just a joke

Sorry, Dragon Ball AF is fake. It's a joke made by fans. If you mean Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, it has already been made.

1 is Dragon ball 2 is Dragon ball Z 3 is Dragon ball GT and maybe Dragonball Af

Go to Google and write dragon ball budokai AF cheat codes

its not real af stands for April fool

Dragon Ball Budokai AF does not excist the closest one to DBAF is either Yo! Goku and Friends return and Dragon Ball KAI

Dbzgt(Dragonball GT) AF can't be watched anywhere its a joke AF=April fools

Dragonball AF means APRIL FOOLS. It's not real. It was a joke

no the af meant April fools but it looked cool

it doesn't excits it was a prank

no u can only get him in dragon ball af

There are no plans for a Dragonball AF to be released. It was an April Fool's (AF) joke back in 1997.

nothing its not real in u.s.a its only in japan

Manga Here appears to have the scanlations for the doujinshi Dragon Ball DJ - AF. The status by the scanlation team is online going.

People have made their own versions of Dragonball AF on YouTube.

In Japan Dragon ball Z Kai Will Air But After GT Cartoon Network Is Demanding Fugi Television For Another Dragon Ball Season AF But it is not confirmed that it will air

The Z in Dragon Ball Z means Zenkai. Zenkai is jaoanese and means the last time or the last instalment. It was named this because DBZ was supposed to be the final Dragon Ball series.

3 from dragon ball z but if you count dragon ball af and dragon ball gt which are fan made but still ofishel 12 there are probly more just not have hapend yet dragon ball gt was canceld and dragon ball af is still bieing made

Well, Dragon Ball Z AF doesn't seem to be real to me. But I know it will be released in December 21, 2012. It could take longer because of the recent flooding in Japan though, just so you know. But the "AF" stands "April Fools." I know, it does sound weird but that's what it means. :) Hope this helped, Cya ;)

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