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Age Quod Agis Means Do What You Are Doing

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What is the motto of Shawinigan?

Shawinigan's motto is 'Age Quod Agis'.

What does My boss's top rule is age quod agis mean?

Merriam-Webster defines age quod agis as meaning "do what you are doing" and "to the business at hand." For a boss to say this is their top rule would likely mean they expect everyone to do their job and do it well.

What is Wolmer's Schools's motto?

The motto of Wolmer's Schools is 'Age Quod Agis'.

What is Birmingham City University's motto?

The motto of Birmingham City University is 'Age Quod Agis'.

What is Cosmos High School's motto?

Cosmos High School's motto is 'Age quod agis'.

What is Sarasas Ektra School's motto?

The motto of Sarasas Ektra School is 'AGE QUOD AGIS'.

What is the motto of Fintona Girls' School?

The motto of Fintona Girls' School is 'Age Quod Agis'.

What is St. Francis Institution's motto?

The motto of St. Francis Institution is 'Age Quod Agis'.

What is Marist Brothers College Rosalie's motto?

The motto of Marist Brothers College Rosalie is 'Age quod agis'.

What is Upton Hall School FCJ's motto?

The motto of Upton Hall School FCJ is 'Age quod agis'.

What is the motto of Leeds Girls' High School?

The motto of Leeds Girls' High School is 'Age Quod Agis'.

Age quod agis?

This phrase means literally "Do what you are doing". It is advice to concentrate on the task at hand rather than thinking about something else.

What is St. Mark's School Massachusetts 's motto?

The motto of St. Mark's School - Massachusetts - is 'Age Quod Agis'.

What is the motto of St. Joseph's Boys' Higher Secondary School?

St. Joseph's Boys' Higher Secondary School's motto is 'Age Quod Agis'.

How do you pronounce Age quod agis?

The classical pronunciation is AH-gay kwod AH-giss (both g's hard, as in "get"). The church pronunciation is AH-jay kwod AH-jiss (both g's soft, as in "giraffe").

What does 'quod sum' mean?

The Latin word quod has the basic meaning "that" and can be used in a number of different ways.In the phrase eris quod sum (see link below), it has the meaning "that which" or "what" so that the whole phrase means "You will be what I am".Quod can also be a conjunction meaning "in that" or "because", so that the phrase quod sum, if taken by itself, can mean "because I am".

What does quod deus bene vertat mean?

quod Deus bene vertat = "may God grant success"

What is the birth name of Agis Paikos?

Agis Paikos's birth name is Agis Glafkos Daphnis Paikos.

How tall is Agis Paikos?

Agis Paikos is 5' 10".

What does est quod est mean in English?

"It is what it is", and that's Latin.

When did Maurice Agis die?

Maurice Agis died on 2009-10-12.

When was Maurice Agis born?

Maurice Agis was born on 1931-12-07.

When did Agis Winding die?

Agis Winding died on January 31, 1943.

What does 'sum quod' mean?

The Latin phase 'sum quod' is incomplete. For one English equivalent is the following: I am that which... . Another English equivalent is as follows: I am what... .

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