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Om ekaksharam idham Brahmam:

Om itself stands for Brahmam ( Paramatma)

'''Om is a result of cmbining A with U and M [AUM],When recited properly this combination letter produces specific waves/resonance/effect....which is called as NAad and is said Tobe setting right the tuning of the human body.[as the body need to make special efforts to pronounce this word] One can also note that while pronouncing AUM the lips are forced to make a round shape [for A+U=O] and closing gradually to make the sound of M through the nostrils. Pronouncing AUM, does not have any restriction of time- place-number-dresscode-etcIt also must be noted that AUM is a letter of a language and thus has got nothing to do with brahmam.however reciting this word rhythemicly creats a soothening effect enabling the practitionor to concentrate and thus AUM is mandatorily pronounced at the beginning of all Mantraas. In my chiled hood AUM was even attached as an prefix to the Navkar mantra of the Jains. but off late the Mantra appears without AUM.[ which offcourse is amatter of debate]

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Q: What does an 'OHM' tattoo symbolize?
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