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It depends solely on the piece- 800 could be 800/1000 silver or 800/1000 gold- If the piece is silver, it's likely an older European piece.. If the piece is gold it's likely French 19k gold (EXTREMELY uncommon, but still can be found today.)

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Q: What does an 800 stamp on a piece of jewelry mean?
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What does the stamp 800 mean on gold jewelry?

The stamp 800 on gold jewelry likely means that the piece is old and not from the United States. The 800 denotes the amount of gold in the piece.

What does the 800 stamp on silver on jewelry mean?

800 is the purity of the silver 800 parts per 1000. This is a lower grade silver than sterling which is 925 parts per thousand

What does 800 mean on silver jewelry?

It means the piece is 800 parts per 1000.Or simply put 80% silver and 20% of some other metal ,usually copper for strength. Stirling silver has to be .925 or 92.5% silver to qualify as Stirling

What does 800 stamp mean inside a gold ring?

It's almost certainly the item's "fineness". For most jewelry the gold's purity is measured in units of 1000, often but not always represented as a decimal, with 1.000 being pure gold. Thus 800 (or 0.800 or .800) would mean gold that's 80% pure, with the remaining 20% being other metals added to increase the alloy's hardness.

In jewelry what does the stamp bo mean?

Gold MarksIn gold jewelry, a stamping of 24 kt or 999 means that it is 100 percent pure gold, 18 kt or 750 means that is 75 percent pure gold, 14 kt or 585 is 58.3 percent pure gold, and 10 kt or 417 is 41.6 percent pure gold.Silver MarksA stamping of 925 in silver jewelry means that it is sterling silver and contains 92.5 percent pure silver, with the rest being other metals such as copper. In European jewelry, it is also possible to see hallmarks such as .800 or .813 which also indicate the percentage of pure silver in the piece.See the related links below for more information.

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What does antiko 800 mean?

Antiko 800 is a German silver mark of 800/1000 silver.

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What does 850 mean on jewelry?

Platinum is commonly marked with 950 or 850 so check your jewelry: If a piece of jewelry contains at least 950 parts per thousand of pure platinum, it can be marked simply platinum. If an Item have at least 850 parts per thousand of pure platinum, it can be marked with the amount of pure platinum and the word platinum or an abbreviation (i.e.: 850 platinum, 850 Plat or 850 Pt.). Silver is commonly marked with 925 for sterling silver and 999 for pure silver. There are other lesser grade marks for silver but they are uncommon. There are some low grade silver marks out there though. I happen to have a silver belt stamped 800 silver. Some jewelers stamp the percentage of gold rather than the typical 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k. If the piece is real gold it is easy to convert the percentage to the k that we are used to seeing. The computation is as follows: 24 (for 24K) x 0.417= 10 (for 10k), 24k x 0.583 =14k, a common stamp would be 583 or 585 24k x 0.750 = 18k, a common stamp would be 750 24k x 0.917 = 22k, a common stamp would be 917 or 918 24k x 0.999 = 24k a common stamp would be 999 Rarely do you see a number stamp for 10k since 10k gold is not as common in other countries. Conversly you can also easily calculate the percentage of gold in your jewelry by using the karat: 10k / 24k = 0.417 x 100 = 41.7% gold in 10k, 14k / 24k = 0.583 x 100 = 58.3% gold in 14k 18k / 24k = 0.750 x 100 = 75% gold in 18k 22k / 24k = 0.917 x 100 = 91.7 % gold in 22k 24k / 24k = 1 x 100 = 100% gold in 24k

What does 800 marking on gold jewelry bought in Portugal mean?

Gold jewelry in Portugual must by law be 19.2 karat pure, there fore the marking of 800 translates to 80% gold, or 19.2 parts out of 24 (24 parts being 24 karat gold, 100% pure). A lot of European gold jewelry is marked 750, which ranslates to 75% gold content, or 18K, 18 out of 24 parts gold. Gold in the US is typically 14K or 58.5% gold, which is represented by the mark 585, 417 is 10K, 41.7% gold. Hope this helps.

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What does 928 mean in silver terms?

928 is likely the purity of the silver that the piece contains in parts per thousand. Most American silver is marked 925, German silver 800 or 830, etc.

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