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What does an Idaho license plate look like?

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== == It has The word Idaho on the top and right below that it has the plate number... Under the plate number it has the Phrase "Famous Potatos". The Picture in the backround is bluish mountains and a White sky..... :)

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What does the state license plate look like?

michigan plate and sticker

license plate look up?

license plate look up

Where can you look up a license plate?

you can look a license plate in any office that were do you get your license card/you can get your license plate in your trainer teacher that checked you to drive...

What does Rhode Island's state license plate look like?

what is the most recent lisense plate in rhode island look like?

Could you inform me about how to find license plate number?

If you lose a license plate or plates and need the license plate number, you can look up your license plate number even if you no longer physically have your own.

Can police look up someone address by the license plate number?

Yes, they can look up the address of the person to whom the license plate is registered.

How do I look up a license plate number?

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, and be prepared to explain WHY you have a need to look up a license plate number.

What does the license plate look like?

dunno, generally, each car gets one dose of such a license plate every couple of years, with different stickers given annually. Its kind of like a booster shot for immunization, without the needle.

What does the most recent license plate from Idaho look like?

From top to bottom: Red background with the words "Scenic Idaho" in white. White sky. Light blue mountain skyline. Dark blue forest skyline with the words "Famous potatoes" in white. Dark blue letters and numbers superimposed across the background.

Does Wisconsin allow you to look up license plate number?

Wisconsin allows you to look up a license plate number for your own personal purposes. You can look up your license plate number to find out when your plates expire, if you will need an emissions test, whether your plates are suspended or not and you will get your RRN number this way as well.

Where can I look up license plates for free?

We are looking to purchase a used car. Where do I go to look up a license plate for free?

How do you change the license plate light on Oldsmobile Aurora?

It is very easy to change the license plate light on an Oldsmobile Aurora. All you need to do is remove the license plate and look above where the plate was. There are bolts that are holding the light in. Unscrew the bolts and then replace the light.

Can I look up anyone's license plates Does it cost?

To do a license plate search, the cost depends on where you do your search. You can look up license plates for whoever depending on if you have the right information.

How do I look up a license plate?

I think the best place for it is or there is also an e-how site Legal to show you how...

What do California license plates look like?

California license plates come in a few different styles. The most popular plate is white with the word California in red cursive lettering.

How do you change the license plate light on a 1996 Dodge Neon?

If you kneel down and look up at the license plate, you should be able to see it. The bulb just pulls straight out of the socket.

How can you find out if a vehicle appraiser is licensed in NY?

Look at the top of the license plate then it will show it.

How do you replace the license plate lights on a Mazda 626?

Open up your trunk and look up above the license plate. It is held in by screws. undo the screws adn unit drops down.

Where can I look up a license plate number?

Some states like Wisconsin will do it through there DMV. However, the majority of states do not offer a search for a license plate number, primarily because of protecting an individual's privacy. You don't say why you want to look it up. If it's because you suspect wrong doing then you should give to the number to the police.

What is the fine for not having a front license plate in South Dakota?

Well your suppose to put it on your car dash board where a police officer can look like the picture but if you don't have a front license plate which is very are in the U.S then go to your dealer and tell them about it an I think that the price would be from $30 to about $200.

How do you replace the license plate light on a 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

Look above the license plate and find the bulb assembly, grasp the flat part turn it clockwise and pull it out, the bulb just pulls straight out.

What does the flag of Idaho look like?

The flag of Idaho has a medium blue background. It has the seal of the state in the center, and a banner that says state of Idaho on a red background.

What does a Pakistan license look like?

It would depend on the type of license you are referring to.

What does the shape of Idaho look like?

mans face in top roght

Is getting pulled over for a tow ball obstructing a letter on the license plate valid reason?

yes, its would be the same as not having a license plate, he cant look up your info, see if your car has been stolen.

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