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What does an abscess look like?

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An abscess is a build up of puss within the body tissue. They look like a red mess, that is warm to the touch and tender. Some may come to a head and rupture.

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What does an abscess look like on a dog's body?

If you have the stomach for it you can go to the link below.

What does a Carbuncle look like?

A carbuncle is a severe skin abscess, usually bright red and painful.

How would you recognize an abscess?

One of the ways to spot a abscess is the actual thing itself is like a little lump

What is a Bartholin abscess?

A Bartholin abscess is an abscess located in the Bartholin's gland.

What is the difference between gingival abscess and periodontal abscess?

The difference between a gingival abscess and a periodontal abscess is that a gingival abscess is only in the soft gum tissue while a periodontal abscess extends into all of the gum tissue. A periodontal abscess can affect the roots of a tooth.

Your 11 year old have a bump that looks like an abscess under her tongue on the floor of her mouth what is that?

my 11 year old have something that looks like an abscess under her tongue on the floor of her mouth what is that?

What is the medical term meaning an abscess behind the tonsils?

An abscess behind the tonsils is a retrotonsillar abscess.

How many syllables does the word abscess have?

Syllables in AbscessAbscess has two syllables: ab scess.The word abscess has two syllables. (ab' cess')

Can a hematoma become an abscess?

Yes, a hematoma can become an abscess. There are several types of hematoma, and a few possibilities as to what kind of abscess can develop. The type of hematoma and the circumstances that drive it to abscess will determine what kind of abscess.

How do you treat an abscess?

Written by a 9 year old-To get rid of an abscess you can go to a dentist and get a prescription for antibiotics , then when the abscess has gone you'll probably get your tooth pulled out. To get rid of the pain of an abscess you need to put heat on it so maybe try a whee tie or a hot water bottle. If you have read other paragraphs saying you have a chance that you can die, don't listen to it, you can only die from an abscess that is covering your nose and mouth which is probably not possible. So don't worry, you will NOT die. If you put cold on an abscess like frozen food or things like that you will go numb then in like 10 minutes the numbness will wear off and you will sting like mad and it will bleed! Don't use cold , use heat. Thank-you for reading and if it helped you with an abscess, just remember you got advice from a nine year old who has had 3 abscesses, thankyou:)

How do you treat a suture abscess on the corner of your eye?

It a suture abscess and close to the eye, it is important to keep it clean. If it does not start to look better in a day, then see a doctor to make sure everything is healing correctly.

Can you take ciprofloxin for a tooth abscess?

No you need a Amoxicillin product like Augementin

What is the treatment for a lung abscess?

triple antibiotics like gentamycine,metriondazole and ceftazidin

Can a dental abscess be deadened with novocaine?

It depends. It depends on the location of the abscess, the size of the abscess, and the nature of the abscess. Frequently, a dentist will put a patient on a regimen of antibiotics and pain pills for a few days to bring the abscess down so the local anesthetic will be effective.

How long is a horse contageous after the abscess dries up?

An abscess is not contagious.

Can you die from a abscess on your butt?

Yes, you can die from an abscess anywhere on or in your body.

What is a Brain abscess?

A Brain abscess is a bacterial infection within the brain

Is brain abscess fatal?

Brain abscess is fatal in about 20% of cases

How do you say 'abscess' in french?

un abcès

What sentence can you put the word abscess in?

you could say what "does abscess mean".

Is it safe to take flucloxacillin for dental abscess?

I suppose that is not recommended for an abscess.

What is a sentence with the word abscess?

I got a big abscess on my hand that is growing large.

Does osteomyelitis means bone abscess?

dose osteomyelitis means bone abscess?

Can abscess become cancer?

Abscess following microbial infection does not cause cancer.

What does peau d'orage look like?

It looks like an orange skin. Background orange color with minute black dots on it, regarded as dimpled texture of an orange peel. It is a sign of advanced breast cancer, chronic breast abscess or filariasis.

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