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What does an actuator and pressure switch do?

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2006-08-10 12:31:42

An actuator is the mechanism by which an agent acts upon an

environment. The agent can be either an artificial intelligent

agent or any other autonomous being (human, other animal, etc). A

mechanism that puts something into automatic action is called an

actuator. Some examples of actuators of these various agents

include: * Human - Arms, hands, fingers, legs * Part picking robot

- Grasping mechanism, moving parts. Examples include solenoids and

voice coil actuators. * Mail transfer agent - Update software In

engineering, actuators are a subdivision of transducers. They are

devices which transform an input signal (mainly an electrical

signal) into motion. Electrical motors, pneumatic actuators,

hydraulic pistons, relays, comb drive, piezoelectric actuators,

thermal bimorphs, Digital Micromirror Devices and electroactive

polymers are some examples of such actuators. Motors are mostly

used when circular motions are needed, but can also be used for

linear applications by transforming circular to linear motion with

a bolt and screw transducer. On the other hand, some actuators are

intrinsically linear, such as piezoelectric actuators. In virtual

instrumentation actuators and sensors are the hardware complements

of virtual instruments. Computer programs of virtual instruments

use actuators to act upon real world objects. Pressure Switch A

pressure switch is an instrument that automatically senses a change

in pressure and opens or closes an electrical switching element

when a predetermined pressure point is reached

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