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An adjective subscribed a noun.:-)


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No tell is not a adjective. Adjectives describe something in a sentence.

An adjective is used to describe things,and people.

No, property is not an adjective. To check if something is an adjective, use it to describe something. For example, in the sentence "The plant is huge," "huge" is the adjective. You cannot use "property" to describe something. Thus, property is a noun.

He flew the paper airplane out the window. In the above sentence, the word paper is used to describe the airplane, and is therefore an adjective.

it's an adjective, use it to describe something. a situation is usually what you use it to describe.

Yes. The adverb "very" modifies the adjective "smart".

Adjectives describe nouns. The adjective in that sentence is "grassy", and it's describing the noun "smell".

Yes, as long as you use the word to describe another word in the sentence, original is an adjective. For example, in the sentence "This is an original painting by van Gogh." the word "original" is an adjective. If, however you use the word to describe the entire item as in "This is an original.", it is a noun.

Usually climbing is a verb, but it can be an adjective to describe a tree, as in the sentence: That is a great climbing tree for kids.

Terrain is a noun. It would not be used as an adjective, but adjectives could describe the noun terrain.

The adjective forms of to describe are descriptive, or rarely described, with different meanings.Examples :"The summary called for a descriptive sentence." (sentence that describes)"The described artifact is not in our collection."(This is actually equivalent to saying "the artifact that was described", which is the past tense, passive form of describe.)

An adjective describes something. A person, a place, an idea, anything at all. How you would use it in a sentence is to describe something. For example, in the sentence below, the word friendly is the adjective.Sally was a friendly girl.The adjective word friendly, describes what Sally is like.

A predicate adjective is a type of adjective that describes the subject of a linking verb that it follows. It follows the linking verb in the sentence, and then refers back to it.

adjective is the words that describe a noun or a pronoun, and an example of an adjective is beautiful ex sentence The beautiful girl is sitting next to me.

It's an adjective. You use it do describe things that aren't sexual.

The word "damnable" is an adjective form of the verb "to damn". An adjective is used to describe a noun.An example of a sentence is "The man begged for forgiveness for his damnable actions. "

Yes, valiant is an adjective as adjectives describe something about somebody or something. As in this sentence, " The valiant knight has slain the dragon."

My family is dysfunctional. Or you could use an adjective like organised or loving or hard working

An adjective is a part of speech that is commonly called a "describing" word. An adjective is used to describe a noun in a sentence. For example, in the sentence "The sun set behind the red barn." the adjective is the word "red", and the noun it is describing is the word "barn."

You can have an adjective and a verb in the same sentence but adjectives go with nouns, they describe nouns egadjective -- bignoun -- dogI saw a big dog. In this sentence the verb is saw.adjective -- interestingnoun -- storyI read an interesting story. In this sentence the verb is read.

smoky is an adjectiveExample sentence: The mountains were very smoky.Smoky in this sentence describes mountains.Adjectives usually describe nouns.Use smoky to describe a noun (suggestion)

The word is an adjective, used to describe someone who doesn't talk all that much. So a sentence might describe a man as tall, thin and taciturn.

There is no personal pronoun in the example sentence.The pronoun in the sentence is her, a possessive adjective.A possessive adjective is a word placed before a noun to describe that noun as belonging to someone or something in the sentence.The possessive adjective 'her' describes the dog as belonging to Celia.

The word "boundless" is an adjective, generally used in a sentence to describe or modify a quality (noun), such as "boundless energy."

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