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What does an apple look like?

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a roundish hard thing that is usually red or green or pink

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what does apple strudel look like

Do you mean: What does an apple tree look like?

A crab apple looks like a very small apple.

rotten apple will look smushy. well, you know. you will know if it is rotten if it doesn't look good... (-_-

An Apple Blossom looks like a pretty Flower its the color Pink and white and the stem is really green you could look what an apple blossom looks like on google images :)

An apple. But they can sometimes look like a nectarine, Which is a fruit that looks like an apple. looks like a Monkey

The Apple iMat is a parody on the iPad, which (to some people) is a big iPod Touch. It would probably look like a giant iPad.

i do not know my apple snail layed eggs i do not know what to do

Go to google images and search: apple store

it looks like an asian thats green :)

A good joke for your pun a brr-apple is: Doctor, Why do apples look like a bed? Brr-apple

a large apple with pus on it

Though there are many varieties, an apple from a tree will always be an apple.However, an Apple computer can never be an apple from a tree. And while you can cut and divide up an apple (from a tree) and have it still be an apple (in pieces), you can never cut and divide up an Apple computer and have it still look like or work like an Apple computer.

like an oval on it's side with a point at the top.

an apple is round and can either red green or mixed! it also has a twig like stick on the top where the apple has been pulled of the tree!

it has two white hands holding a apple

A giant iPhone or iPod Touch

because of the way it is shaped.

There are many pictures of him on the Apple website.

the seeds make a star or flower

It looks kind of like an apple seed with legs

if you go on the online apple shop you will be able to see a picture of one

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