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An atom that gains or loses valence (outermost shell) electrons is referred to as an ION.

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Q: What does an atom become or turn into when the electrically charged current that allows movement is taken away from it?
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When DC is applied to a capacitor a current flows for a short time until the capacitor is charged, with positive charges on one plate and negative on the other (a current is a movement of charge). Therefore, for a short time before it is fully charged, a capacitor does conduct current. When AC is applied to a capacitor, it allows current to pass alternately forward and back as charge flows into the plates and out again. So, seen from outside, current is flowing.

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Electric current - a movement or flow of electrically charged particles, typically measured in amperes.In a conductor, current flow is via a drift of free electrons in the metal. the actual drift rate may be slow, the electric field that drives them itself propagates at close to the speed of light, enabling electrical signals to pass rapidly along wires.See related link belowElectricity can flow through a conductor because it allows the electrons to move freely through the object. With an insulator, electrons cannot move.

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When electric current travels through a conductor, there is always resistance. This resistance causes some of the energy of the current to express as heat. Additionally, the movement of the current causes a magnetic field to form around the current in a clockwise direction. This principle is what allows coil heaters and induction motors to operate.

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