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What does an economist's work demand?

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It depends on where the economist works. In the financial industry and in large corporations, economists are hired to help other employees understand changes in the economy, especially monetary policy changes at the US Federal Reserve. At small colleges, economists are hired to teach Economics. At large universities, economists will have research responsibilities in addition to their teaching responsibilities if they want to become full professors.

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Why is elasticity of demand a fine theoretical concept of economists but difficult for marketers to use in practice?

it is what elasticity of demand

What are the two words most often used by economists are?

supply and demand

The two words most often used by economists are?

Supply and demand.

How do economists define demand?

Demand refers to the amount of a type of good or service that consumers are capable and willing to buy at a specified price.

What is cyclical employment?

Economists describe cyclical unemployment as the result of businesses not having enough demand for labor to employ all those who are looking for work. The lack of employer demand comes from a lack of spending and consumption in the overall economy.

How do economist use math?

Economists use math to calculate statistics in sales and business profits. Economists also use math to predict trends in supply and demand.

What do economists call a situation in which consumers buy a different quantity than they did before?

a change in demand

Why do Economist use the term demand to refer to what?

Economists use the term demand to refer to a schedule of various combinations of market prices and amounts demanded.

Who said the demand and supply theory of book?

there were many economists like pigou,marshall and dada bhai naoroji who said about demand and supply theory.

What is the lowest elasticity of demand?

The lowest elasticity of demand is when no change in price, whether increase or decrease, changes the demand for a product.Ê It's used by economists to predict how sensitive a product is to a price change.

How do people demand goods and services?

When economists refer to the demand for goods and services, what they mean is, what goods and services are people buying. People demand things by buying them. If you demand to have things given to your for free, that is politics rather than economics.

Most economists use the aggregate demand and aggregate supply model primarily to analyze?

Short-run fluctuations in the economy

What do economists call a situation in which consumers buy a different quantity than they did before at every price?


What do government economists focus on?

Government economists work for federal, state, and local governments in a wide variety of positions involving analysis and policy making.

What is the responsible for inflation according to the demand-pull theory?

According demand-pull theory, what causes inflation is a strong demand and a lower supply. By having a greater demand, people pull prices up. Economists will often say that demand-pull inflation is a result of too many dollars chasing too few goods.

What is the possessive form of economists?

The possessive form of the plural noun economists is economists'.example: All of the economists' predictions are for improvement in the next quarter.

What is the main problem that economists have examined?

Economics can be characterised as the study of scarcity: there are finite resources and goods but there is an almost infinite demand through needs and desires.

What was the cure for poverty suggested by laissez faire economists?

have less children and work more

What areas do business economists work in?

Business economists work in such areas as manufacturing, mining, transportation, communications, banking, insurance, retailing, private industry, securities and investment firms, management consulting firms, and economic and market research firms,

Why do economists use percentage change to calculate elasticity demand?

They use percentage change because of the nature of the unit being described. The elasticity of demand specifies how much percentage demanded changes in response to a 1% increase in price.

Economists have classified input as?

economists have classified input as

What do economists call elasticity?

What do economists call elasticity?

Some economists believe fiscal policy and monetary policy do not work very well.?


How much do economists earn?

Economists Salary: American Dollars: Corporate Economists$88,428 - $132,846 Academic Economists (New Phd) $94,006 British Pounds: Corporate Economists £47,832.53 - £72,411.42 Academic Economist ( New Phd) £50,882.24

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