What does an erection feel like?

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When you get an erection, your penis gets bigger and longer, and it becomes very firm. This happens when blood fills the inside of the shaft and makes your penis erect. It can feel very tight and sensitive in a pleasurable way.

when you get a boner, your penis gets bigger and longer and it becomes very hard and firm. this happens when blood fills the inside of the shaft and makes your penis erect. if you hold your boner in a full grip and move it up and down you're masturbating, which the end result of is very amazing

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Q: What does an erection feel like?
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What does having a tail feel like?

An erection.

What does it feel like having a erection?

great. but , it makes you think about sex and you feel bad and ambarrased if it happens at school

Do girls like it when they are like hugging a guy or something and they feel he has a erection?

some girls might not but i like it, it means you like it

What does a guy do when you tell him you like him?

sometimes he might feel awkward sometimes he might feel the same about you or he might just get an erection

How do you feel when you are horny?

You may feel like you want to have sex (either masturbation or with your girlfriend/boyfriend). In addition u may also feel some or all of the following: -Increased breathing rate. -Increased heart rate. -Erection (males). -Nipple erection. -Body may become rigid. The number of the symptoms above that u feel depends on how "horny" u feel.

How do you have a long erection?

Your erection can last for a while depending on what your are thinking of and your emotions your feeling rigth now. If you feel horny then you will stay erected and if your calm your erection will slowly shorten.

What does a erection feel like for a guy?

It gives you a tingly sensation in the junkular area, you want to stick your hot dog in a bun.

Why do you feel stiff and not relaxed all the time?

Because you have an erection.

When grinding girls only and the guy gets an erection how do you feel?


What happens when you feel horny?

If your a guy, you will get an erection. And if your a girl you will feel really good and if you rub your vagina a little then you will get wet. Then if you feel up to it. masturbate!

How do you make your penis feel longer to a woman?

Most likely an erection.

Will you feel a guy having an erection if your on his lap?

Uh, most definitely. That is of course, that he becomes aroused by this.

How is a histogram like a bar graph?

When it gets an erection

Why does pinagra used?

pinagra is a medicine used by persons who have poor erection ,It comes in varieties and starts frm 25 mg .when a man has this dose he will feel a hard erection and it lasts for a day

Were do girls get an erection?

IF by boner you mean feel sexually aroused then I can help you. The equivalent of a girl getting a boner is her clit "peeking" out that and the erection of her nipples and the heat radiating from her body. Hope that helps.

If a guy sleeps on his dressed lover and his penis is erected will she feel the erection and will she feel good by that?

Could you please explan, this question in a little more detain?

What are the herbal or other medicines for stronger erection?

erection oil is a popular choice among men. Next to the erection oil, the erection cream and erection gel are next in popularity.

What does it mean to have a boner?

When someone says they have a boner it means they have an erection which is when your penis gets longer and harder. There is not actually a bone in the penis, but it can feel like it. Other similar terms include "woody", or "stiffie.

If you drink milk it will help erection of your penis?

Not unless your eating habits are so bad that you feel generally weak

What is erecriton?

My penis alright *gigedi gigedi* an erection is when the penis gets stiff, you jerk off, feel good.

What does it feel like to have an erection?

You know that muscle you use to hold in pee (both sexes have it)? It feels like that muscle extends out of your body and there's this tight, throbbing, tingly sensation along it, and you really want to stick it in something. Feels great if it's an erection you want, but if it's happening at an embarrassing time it's kind of distracting. It can start to ache too if you have it for a long time.

Is it ok to have a erection after cumming... Do girls like it?

yes and yes.

Do girls like feeling a guys erection when grinding with a guy?

would u like to try it?

Does a woman like staring at guy with an erection in his silk boxers?

it depends what the underwear look like

If someone is on medications and have erection inside of you will you feel sideeffcets from his medication?

None whatsoever. Unless the medicine is applied topically on his penis.