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2007-01-23 00:25:45
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Q: What does an error message saying 'Invalid FTP request' mean when you are trying to transfer MP3 files to a mobile?
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What should you do after receiving the message ''invalid FTP request'' while transferring music from a PC to mobile phone?

If a person is trying to download music from a PC to a mobile phone and they get the error message, 'invalid FTP request', it is because the music is not in the right form. Change the music to MP3 and it should download easily to the mobile phone.

Can you request text message records of your sons phone if he is on your T mobile plan?

You can request anything. Who knows if you will get it, you would need to request and find out.

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IF you meant 'transfer money from t-mobile to t-mobile' - You can't. T-mobile will not allow you to transfer a pre-paid balance from one number to another.

Can you send a message to a mobile number?

you can send a text message to a mobile number via text message from another mobile device, via email or via website

Your t-mobile phone keeps saying Invalid picture message settings Check settings?

I'm not sure if you still need an answer for this but this worked for me:1. Go to Messaging in the Menu2. Go to Message Settings3. Go to Text Messages4. Go to Message centers5. Go to T-Mobile6. Make sure that "T-Mobile" is under the "Message center name"7. SaveNow delete the text messages in your Outbox and try to resend a text!

What use is the 22 ASCII character Special Message in subframe 4 page 17 of the GPS navigation message?

The use of the 22 ASCII character special message in subframe 4 page 17 of the GPS navigation message is it help the mobile phone interpret the request of the user.

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How do you write a cug sim request letter to mobile company

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i transfer refill amount to a wrong mobile number

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Can you transfer your mobile number to a boost mobile phone?

u can

How do you you transfer money from etisalat mobile to du mobile?

Not possible

What is an MTM text message?

MTM stands for "Mobile to Mobile" and it means that you have sent a SMS message??to another AT&T user.

What is it called when you send a message on a mobile phone?

text message ! or texting

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How do you transfer files from mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth?

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First you have to see whether Bulgarian phone is on same network that Australia's mobile and you have to see also that you have services to send message from your mobile.Or you may choose some internet website and browse them from your mobile and send txt message to world wide.

How to check text message history with tmobile?

To check text message history with T-Mobile, log into the T-Mobile My T-Mobile Online access account. This will show message usage history, minutes used, and other features.

How do you get a copy of Virgin Mobile text message?

You can send the message to your email and print it out from there.

Do you have to pay for emailing from a text message?

Sending a text message to an email address costs the same ammount of money it does to send a text message from a mobile phone to another mobile phone.

How can transfer credit from one mobile to another?

To transfer credit from one mobile phone to another, both phones have to be from the same company. When setting up the new phone, tell the operator that there are credits to transfer from an old mobile phone to the new mobile phone. TracFone is one of the only phones that let a person transfer credits this way.

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dea to idea balance transfer Trick Just Dial :- *567*mobile number*Rs# Example :- *567*9000000000*100#

On mobile phone you get error request timed out?

when trying to go on the internet i get error request timed out

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