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An old woman has dry bones, thus is uneasy when ever a comment about dry bones is made since they remind her of her own dry bones.

The proverb means that people are uneasy when they hear comments that remind them of their own predicaments.

2010-10-13 12:31:01
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Was Things Fall Apart worth reading?

Yes. Things Fall Apart is one of my favourite books, and has provided much understanding into all human behaviour. My favorite quote from this book is "An old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb," which I have used at least a dozen times since I first read the book.

Who built the city of bones?

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Why does your wrist always crack?

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How many times bones is mentioned in the bible?

The word "bones" is in the King James Version of the Bible 99 times. It is in 84 verses.

What bones are considering intramembranous?

Intramembranous bones are always flat bones. Parts of the skull, mandible and the maxilla are all considered to be intramembranous bones.

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No. Bones are always changing, but the length usually stays the same all your adult life.

In the knee the ends of the leg bones are held together primarily by?

Ligaments always hold bones to bones while tendons only hold muscles to bones.

How many times is the word 'bones' mentioned in the bible?

The word bones is used 99 times in 84 different verses in the King James Version of the Bible. It usually means something that is dead and hopeless.

Some of your bones are filled with a special material called what which makes blood cells?

That special material is called as red bone marrow. You have red bone marrow in the skull bones, vertebrae, pelvic bones, ribs, scapula and sternum. In case of children,you have the red bone marrow in the cavity of the long bones, in addition to above mentioned flat bones.

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Yes, all broken bones are painful.

Where did John Napier invent the Napier bones?

Napier's Bones, a system similar to an abacus which assists in the calculation of products and quotients, and also referred to as Rabdology, was first mentioned as a new invention by Napier in 1617 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Real sponges are invertebrates meaning that Spongebob technically should have no bones. However, as Spongebob is a cartoon character he does not always adhere to this and sometimes has bones whereas at other points he acts as though he has none.

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How many bones in an adult body?

You always have the same amount of bones, there is no difference between a 2 month old baby and a 89 year old man

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Why do children have 316 bones and adults have 206 bones?

It is not always 316, but children do have more bones than adults. As they grow, some of these bones fuse together, like around their brain, and so they have less bones. This allows them more flexibility when they are young and makes it easier for them to grow. The rate of growth of a human is much greater as a child than as an adult. One factor is their amount of bones.

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No. Sometimes the last 5 bones at the end of the vertebrate does not fuse. It is the fusing of these bones that make up the coccyx. An individual without this tailbone always sits with a slump.

Why are your bones alive?

Bones are living because they are always growing. Even though bones eventually stop growing vertically, they are always changing in width. Osteoblasts are bone cells that build new bone and they are always producing new layers of bone so keep bones strong. There are also bone cells called osteoclasts that destroy bone and recycle the materials that make up bone tissue. Osteoclasts work to counteract the activity of the osteoblasts so that bones do not become too heavy. They also break down bone when the body is in need of calcium and other nutrients found in bone tissue.

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