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It is used in set theory to indicate intersection. The intersection of two sets, A and B, is the set of all elements that are in A as well as in B.


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In sets it means intersects. like what is common in both sets

the inverted U means and. the U means or.

In set theory, a "U" stands for union.A U B means objects that belong to set A or set BThe upside-down "U" (which I'm not going to be able to print here) stands for intersection, objects that belong to set A and set B

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Intersection. This is used in set theory to refer to those members of two sets which are common to both. e.g. the intersection of { p a n s y } and { p r i m u l a } is { p a } In a Venn diagram (a graphical representation of sets) it is the overlap of two shapes.

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In mathematics, more specifically quadratics, it refers to "OR." As opposed to "AND", which is represented by an upside down "U", it is to be solved by drawing a graph of two (or more) lines and shading in one equation "OR" the other.

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