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If you describe someone as analytical, it means the person is always thinking about things - thinking or pondering. A person who is analytical will have all of the facts about something before doing it.

The analytical personality is one of the 4 types of people. The other 3 are Promoters, Supporters and Controllers. Most everyone shares all four personality traits to varying degrees.


Someone skilled in using analysis. Opposite of synthetic.

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Q: What does analytical mean?
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What is mean by Analytical Tracking?

Analytical tracking helps you understand your audience's behavior and their engagement with your website content.

What does analytical factors mean?

Analytical factors are the individual facts and pieces of data you use when analysing a specific thing.

What does the term analytical skills mean?

The term analytical refers to ones ability to methodically process an situation or problem. For example, one needs analytical skills to be a research scientist.

What does analytically mean?

The word analytical is defined of or relating to analysis or logical reasoning. Scientists and mathematicians are usually very analytical.

What is the difference between pesticide grade and analytical grade chemicals?

You mean pesticide grade used for Gas chromatograph GC/GLC purpose and whereas Analytical grade are the reagents used for analytical techniques.

How do you conclude an analytical essay?

It depends what you mean about analytical essay. Tell your readers a brieft 2-3 sentence overview of what your essay explains.

What does pa mean in ethanol pa?

p.a. (pro analysi) Products with a guarantee certificate and/or suitable for the stated analytical application.

What does adl mean?

All day long analytical development laboratory

What does analytical thinking and arithmetic reasoning mean?

Non-Verbal Reasoning

What mean by analytical ability?

Analytical ability refers to someone's ability to analyze something well. For example, they might be good at finding hidden meanings in a text.

What is analytical techniques?

analytical techniques

What does religion is the pium of the people mean?

You mean "opium of the people". Opium is a narcotic. It make people less analytical.

What is the opposite of the word 'analytical'?

I looked it up and it said "illogical" is the opposite of analytical

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When was Analytical Biochemistry created?

Analytical Biochemistry was created in 1960.

Relevance of online analytical processing to a manager?

relevance of on-line analytical processing Relevance of online analytical processing to a manager?

What is the use of analytical balance in the laboratory?

what is the chemistry report discussion for analytical balance? what is the chemistry report discussion for analytical balance?

What did Ada Byron mean when she said that the Analytical Engine could never originate anything?

I like spaghetti

What are some sentences with the word analytical in it?

an analytical writing system is good

What r the 5 features of the analytical engine?

features of analytical engine

Who invented the Analytical Engine?

Charles Babbage invented the Analytical Engine.

Can a idealist be analytical in nature?

Yes, unequivocally. Being analytical does not mean you are cynical or jaded, it means you reflect on the facts, on reality. An idealist can see the facts as they are, and yet have hope that things can always improve and become better.

Another word for analytical?

Another word for analytical is diagnostic. Additional words that are synonyms for analytical are systematic, studious, expository, investigative, and conclusive.

What are analytical skills?

analytical skill is the skill which can analyse in difficult situation too.