What does antique mean?

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unique, special valuable when we hear the word antique it resmbles these and its also verry high in price if u want to sell it or by it.

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Q: What does antique mean?
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What words contain anti and mean old?


What does antqlvr mean on a license plate?

Possibly "antique lover"

What does the number mean on Mersman antique furniture?

mersman 66-52

What does antique mean in french?

Words and phrases, when correctly translated, mean the same thing in all languages.

How do you spell antique?


What does 560 mean on antique silver tea pot?

Maybe silver content

What is adjective of antique?

The answer is "antique." Antique has the same word as both noun and adjective.

What is antique study?

antique study

How do you say antique in french?


Where can you sell antique dolls?

yard sale, antique stores, an antique mall, eBay

Are there antique childrens wardrobes?

Yes there are antique children's wardrobes. You can buy them at Antique Auctions.

What is worth more something old or antique?

Antique is worth more money.

What part of speech is antique?

Antique can be used as an adjective, a word that describes a noun. Example: Oh, I broke Mother's antique mirror. (antique describes the noun mirror)Antique is a noun in the sentence "I collect antiques."The meaning of antique is old.

Where can you buy an antique sword?

An antique sword can be found online at Antique Swords, Old Swords, Swords Antique Weapons, and Fredericks Antique Swords. They may also be available in your local classifieds.

How do I classify a antique derringer?

antique derringer

What is the homophone for antique?

The homophone for antique is antic

What are antique collectors called?

Antique dealers

Where can you get an antique quilt appraised?

in a antique store

Can gunsmiths make antique bullets?

No. An antique bullet is 100 years old. That is the meaning of "antique". But they can make modern bullets to fit and antique pistol.

Where can one find antique wall clocks?

There are antique malls and antique stores all over the place which often have antique clocks. There are also sellers on ebay who sell antique clocks and many are affordably priced.

Where can someone find antique stoves?

Antique stoves can usually be found at ones local antique store. Some other places that one can find an antique stove is on Etsy, eBay, and Antique Stove Heaven.

How do you use the word antique in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.I bought an antique desk at the market.That clock is an antique.How old does something need to be in order to be an antique?

looking for antique cars?

local antique cars

Where could a person find antique jewelry online or offline?

Ebay has a section for antique jewelery online. Lang Antique, located in San Fransisco sells antique jewelery. If you want to sell your antique jewelery, you should contact them.

Where can I sell an antique baccarat chandelier?

You can try to sale your antique baccarat chandelier on eBay or at a local antique store.