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What does astonished mean?

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Astonished means very much surprised.

This student was astonished to discover that the teacher knew this sentence had been plagiarized.

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What does antonished mean?

Astonished means to be filled with overwhelming or overpowering surprise. A synonym for astonished is amazed. A person can be astonished by something that happens or by something they hear or see.

Is astonished and greatest mean the same thing?

astonished: amazed greatest: its great so it kind of deos mean the same thing but they are different. astonished is more like amazed then ' its great' great isnt as good as astonished. hope i helped! if this dosent help then idk go ask de dictionary.

What are words that mean amazed?

Astonished, stupefied, awestruck.

What does Gobsmacked mean in british?

astonished, very surprised, astounded

How do you spell astonished?


What tense is astonished?

Astonished is the past tense of astonish. eg She astonished me with that wild comment

What does Bewilered mean?

Bewilered means astonished, thrown for a loop, or thrown of guard.

What part of speech is astonished?

The word astonished is an adjective.

Are amazed and astonished antonyms?

no amazed and astonished are synonyms.

What is a great simile using astonished?

She was as astonished as a ground hog on ground hog day.

What is a sentence containing astonished?

The man was astonished by the amazing sight he saw.

What does utterly astonished mean?

ANSWER A: certain, no qualifations, You're utterly astonished by someone who is smoking. E.G. (example) or like if you're astonished, you're like, well very surprised something like that. Like, you're so surprised that he did everything well when he was meant to be stupid or something like that. You're utterly astonished of his behavior or something...I'm utterly astonished that my sis Mythilin was being a idiot in school today. By C. PS. I'm playing FFCC EOT. It's fun.

What is the synonym for astonished?

Synonyms for astonished - amazed - overwhelmed - flabbergasted - stuned - dazed

A sentence with the word astonished?

He was astonished to find that his entire apartment had been ransacked.

What does flabbergasted mean?

Flabbergasted means "astounded, thunderstruck, astonished, struck dumb." In other words, it means to be overcame with surprise and bewilderment, to be overwhelmed with shock or wonder, to be astonished, to be stroked with wonder (especially by extraordinary statements), or to shock someone (usually by telling them something they were not expecting). Used in an example sentence: "He was flabbergasted when we told him how cheap it was." Surprised, astonished and flabbergasted all mean shocked and amazed.

What means astonished?

It means like amazed at something or someone. It can also mean like you are surprised or shocked.

Make a sentence using the word astonished?

I was astonished to find just how easy it was to answer the question.

Is astonished an adjective?

Yes, it can be (astonished onlookers). It is a form of the verb "to astonish" (awe or amaze).

What is the duration of The Astonished Heart film?

The duration of The Astonished Heart - film - is 1.42 hours.

Is astonished a character trait?

No. Astonished is not a permanent characteristic of a person, I hope. It is an adjective describing a temporary condition of a person. Example: He was astonished to see the woman parachute from the plane.

How do you use astonishing in a sentence?

Astonish spectators with freestyle routines.Astonished when in heard the prize had been awarded to me.Astonished to discover that bingo has become a politically correct zone.She was utterly astonished that i moved along too.Astonished at the superb quality at such cheap prices.Astonish anybody about a cross-town cruiser with a red water line?Astonished to hear the first rain drops start at 5:00 am.Nor was i greatly astonished at the nature of his decision.Astonished crowds of onlookers he walked up the gangway on to the aircraft carrier ark royal.Astonished to find the freight rover bus bobbing in the thames.But i was genuinely astonished to play with a band with a worse name on the same tour.Astonished audiences for years and will continue to do so for many more.Astonished to see some migrant species already set, at such dates.Everyone was absolutely astonished by the quality of their performance.Astonished everyone - even himself - with his recent qualifying pace at snetterton.Astonished to learn that i had ended up in first place at the end of the semi-final rounds.Astonish rather than for practical or economic purposes.Astonished that anyone could think they sounded like a guitar amp at all!Astonished to read your front page story headlined disco inferno in last weekâs newspaper.I promised to do so, feeling somewhat astonished that he should deem me capable of a retreat.

What is a good sentence for the word astonished?

She was astonished that her husband had gone to jail due to multiple DUI's.

What does being in a state of shock mean?

It means that you are astonished by something or someone; whether it be something they had physically done or said.

What are the ratings and certificates for Astonished - 1990?

Astonished - 1990 is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:16

When was The Astonished Heart - film - created?

The Astonished Heart - film - was created in 1950-03.