What does aunt Polly do to Tom that is worse than whipping?

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If I remember the story correctly, he is sold down the river.
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Is a hurricane worse than a tornado?

Yes, overall hurricanes are worse than tornadoes. Tornadoes can be faster(the average tornado may have winds of about 70 mph, but they can get as high as 300 mph, and hurricanes can be 74 to about 200 mph) and maybe more destructive locally, but tornadoes are on average about 150 feet, and rarely ov ( Full Answer )

In the book 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' what is worse than a whipping for Tom?

Making Aunt Polly cry. . His aunt wept over him and asked him how he could go and break her old heart so; and finally told him to go on, and ruin himself and bring her gray hairs with sorrow to the grave, for it was no use for her to try any more. This was worse than a thousand whippings, and Tom ( Full Answer )

Are cigarettes worse than cigars?

Cigars are worse than cigarettes, they carry more nicotine in them. Answer: In studies I have read the increased nicotine is not the deciding factor... whether or not the smoker inhales determines the risk factor. A non-inhaling cigar smoker has less risks than a cigarette smoker.

How is heroin worse than marijuana?

Jane's friends were trying to get her to smoke pot. She took one hit and fell into a fit of giggles. She went home safely that night and slept soundly in her warm bed. Years later, she is a successful business owner. Jane's friends were trying to get her to try heroin. They injected her and she ( Full Answer )

In Tom Sawyer what is the really long quote that Aunt Polly says about Tom?

"I ain't doing my duty by that boy, and that's the Lord's truth, goodness knows. Spare the rod and spile the child, as the Good Book says. I'm a laying up sin and suffering for us both, I know. He's full the Old Scratch, but laws-a-me! He's my own dead sister boy, poor thing, and I ain't got the hea ( Full Answer )

Describe how Tom shocks Aunt Sally?

Tom shocks aunt Sally by telling her that he and "Tom" stole the run away slave and then they have to tell her that Sid is tom and Tom was Huck..

How was tom and aunt polly kin?

aunt polly is tom sawyers aunt. tom's parents died or something happened to them and aunt polly is tom's guardian and Sid is his cousin or 'half-brother'

How does tom shock aunt Sally?

Tom shocks aunt Sally by telling her that he and "Tom" stole the run away slave and then they have to tell her that Sid is tom and Tom was Huck.

Why was the you-boat worse than a blocade?

If you mean a U-boat (as in Underwater boat or submarine) the answer is YES. A blockade is a visible, open challenge, whereas a U-boat is a lurking threat, difficult to detect and carries deadly weapons. Additionally, a blockade implies several heavy warship prepared to 'slug it out' but, a single h ( Full Answer )

Is beer worse than weed?

I wouldn't say one is worse than the other in terms of psychological affects,but in terms of bodily harm weed is much less dangerous then alcohol. The use of marijuana in a smoked form affects the lungs, to what extent is unknown.While the consumption of cannabis in a vaporized or eatable form seems ( Full Answer )

What is worse for you butter or whipped cream?

Whipped cream is worse because it has trans fat in it (0.2 trans fat for 2 teaspons!! THATS ALOT) it has more stuff in it to that's bad for your body to.

Who is aunt polly in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

In Tom sawyer aunt Polly is Tom's aunt. He lives with her because his mom and dad died. He is always tricking her and she doesn't have the gut to punish him. Tom also lives with aunt Polly's son Sid ( also Tom's cousin ).

Was Napoleon worse than Hitler?

That could be a matter of opinion. The general opinion is that Adolf Hitler was way worse than Napoleon. Although Napoleon was a ruthless dictator, Hitler committed heinous crimes against his own people and those of other countries, including genocide. Napoleon did commit some atrocities, but these ( Full Answer )

Is chlamydia worse than gonorrhea?

Both cause about the same amount of trouble, are equally easy to treat, and are spread the same way. My opinion: chlamydia's a little worse because it's less likely to have symptoms, so it's easier to have it without knowing.

Is alcohol worse than ecstasy?

Define "worse." This is a perfect example of why the world is going down the hole. Worse for you? No. "ecstasy" is no longer the same compound that was taken in the eighties. It is made on the streets with a coctail of many different compounds to resemble the original formula, often using drugs such ( Full Answer )

Was Dachau worse than Auschwitz?

No. Dachau was a Grade I concentration camp; Auschwitz was Grade III, which was the harshest grade. Part of the Birkenau section of Auschwitz was an extermination camp.

Does Tom love Polly more?

No. That is impossible. No one can love someone as much as Polly loves Tom. I hope he is smiling now :)

Is Hussein worse than Hitler?

Probably 50-50 if anything Hitler though. But never take it out on Germany, Hitler was an Austrian and it was 100 years ago

Are the vikings worse than the Phoenicians?

depends. the vikings were bigger and broader probably: the Muslim Sultan used the vikings to guard his palace front doors during Byzantium era. The vikings were like red necks to the 20th power, probably would do about anything to win--if you can think it, they probably did it. Very ruthless. AA ( Full Answer )

How does Tom shock aunt Polly into giving him a special apple she had been saving for him?

When Aunt Polly gets angry at Tom for not letting her know he's not dead. So he recounts his secret visit as a dream. At the end of his tale he says that in his dream he wrote on a piece of sycamore bark that they weren't dead, then kissed her. Aunt Polly believes that "A body does just the same ( Full Answer )

Are Mac's worse than PC's?

PCs are way better then Macs but Macs are PCs so the question is meaningless. If the questioner wanted to compare PCs that run the Windows operating system and those that run Mac OS X the question remains meaningless as Macs can run Windows as well as Mac OS X if required.

Can you have an aunt who is much younger than you?

Of course, if your grandparents (or one of your grandparents) had a child later in life, after their child(your parent) had a child (you). But it is unlikely you would have a typical aunt-nephew/niece relationship, which is based largely on the elder offering wise advice and support.

Why was Pollyanna's Aunt Polly mean to her?

Aunt Polly had a mean father, and she took after him. She never had the responsibility of raising children - she chose the attic for a bedroom because she wasn't used to children's noises around the house! The only "nice" thing she did was buy Pollyanna a new wardrobe. Thankfully, after Pollyanna' ( Full Answer )

Why does aunt Polly not apologize to Tom Sawyer?

Aunt Polly feels shy all the time because she realises that there was a good part in everything Tom did. Therefore she always tried to apologize in different ways, without apologizing to him in a straight forward manner.

Who is aunt polly in your own home?

Your weak walang pinagaralan bobomo tangina mo gago putangina mo 65 grade amf adik criminal killer magnanakaw slealer hell murderer

Is Aunt Polly a strict disciplinarian?

I have read that book and I can say with confedence that she is. My seventh grade history class read that last year and my teacher asked me the very same thing.

Who was Aunt Polly in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Aunt Polly is Tom's aunt. He lives with her, despite the relentlessdiscipline and spiritual guidance. She comes off as caring andnoble character. She loves Tom as her own child. She also gives herlove to Tom's best friend.

Why is tom always able to trick his aunt?

Tom has a clever mind. He tricks his aunt so easily because Aunt Polly thinks he is right. For example, in the first chapter tom tricks his Aunt saying there is something back of her. right when she looked back tom ran away so he won't get caught.

How did Tom Sawyer trick his Aunt Polly?

Tom Sawyer tricked his Aunt Polly in a number of ways. He took jam from the pantry and persuaded his friends to pay him for the privilege of whitewashing the fence, which was a punishment from Aunt Polly. He further tricks her by making her think he is psychic.

Why does Aunt Polly say she could forgive Tom for a million sins?

Aunt Polly has learned from Mrs. Harper that Tom's dream was a fakeand that he came home one night and spied on them. Aunt Pollyscolds him for making her look like a fool in front of Mrs. Harperand then asks why he came home but still did nothing to relieveeveryone's sorrow. Tom replies that he was ( Full Answer )