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What does baha'ullah mean?


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December 23, 2011 9:58AM

It means: The Glory of God or Glory of the father translated into english from Arabic. according to biblical history; On the return of "Christ", he himself said that he would return in the glory of the father which in reference to the bahai scriptures it is a tittle given to these powerful and wise beings and should not be taken literally to prevent confusion since prophetic words never mean what is said straight forward as a regular individual would speak but rather in parables such as the way Jesus spoke. Bahais urge not to take these words in an earthly manner since it comes from a spiritual origin and a far more advance knowledge than what is known to the vast human race. From the history of the bahai faith, "Baha'u'llah" never spoke in parables; however, his words and writings were highly elevated and took an open mind and understanding to grasp its definition. On accounts of the bahai history; Baha'u'llah was once asked the question if he was indeed the return of "Christ" and replied quote: "I am the return of the spirit", but he never proclaimed that he was the return of Christ in the flesh!