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It means: The Glory of God or Glory of the father translated into english from Arabic. according to biblical history; On the return of "Christ", he himself said that he would return in the glory of the father which in reference to the bahai scriptures it is a tittle given to these powerful and wise beings and should not be taken literally to prevent confusion since prophetic words never mean what is said straight forward as a regular individual would speak but rather in parables such as the way Jesus spoke. Bahais urge not to take these words in an earthly manner since it comes from a spiritual origin and a far more advance knowledge than what is known to the vast human race. From the history of the bahai faith, "Baha'u'llah" never spoke in parables; however, his words and writings were highly elevated and took an open mind and understanding to grasp its definition. On accounts of the bahai history; Baha'u'llah was once asked the question if he was indeed the return of "Christ" and replied quote: "I am the return of the spirit", but he never proclaimed that he was the return of Christ in the flesh!

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When was the bahai faith started?

The Bahai Faith started in Iran when the Bab inaugurated a new era in the history of the human race. The Bahais belief that the 'Promised One' of all ages and peoples, Bahaullah revealed himself in 1863. He dispatched one of the distinguished Bahai teachers, Jamal Effendi to India to spread the teachings of the Bahai faith in the years 1874-75. The Bahais believe Bahaullah as the Universal Manifestation of God whose advent has been prophesied in all the Holy Scriptures. It is estimated that there are at present nearly 2.3 million Bahais in India.

What are the main beliefs of Bahai?

A:The Bahá'í faith grew out of the the Bábi religion, which had emerged as a movement within Shi'ite Islam. As with Islam and the Babi religion, Bahais believe that God has addressed humanity through a series of divinely appointed messengers - including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad - and that divine guidance for the present age is partly enshrined in a body of holy law based on scriptural revelations brought by the latest divine messenger. Whereas Islam teaches that Muhammad was the last divine messenger, Bahia teaches that the Bab and Bahaullah were also divine messengers, or 'Manifestation of God'.The writings of Bahaullah are pervaded by Islamic concepts, and manypractices bear an obvious resemblance to those of Islam, but Bahai is also quite different to Islam. Particular qualities emphasised include the need for complete trustworthiness and honesty in all social dealings, wisdom, righteousness, charity, kindness to all, including animals, forgiveness, steadfastness, patience; humility and avoidance of backbiting. The Islamic teaching of holy war is abolished. If necessary, they are to welcome martyrdom, but living to establish their cause in the world is the goal.

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Baha u llah was the founder of the Baha`i Faith religion. He was born in Tehran, Iran. He was born in a wealthy family and his father was minister in the shah administration. His real name was Mirza Husayn Ali and the title Baha u llah in Arabic language is 'The Glory Of God' . For more information please fill free to visit this website (http://www.bahai.org/). At this wedsite you can find the believes of the Baha`i faith or called as Baha`is currently doing around the world and of course u can check out the history of Baha u llah more detail if compared to wikipedia. I hope i v answerd ur question. thank u

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