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Babies and people are dipped into water to welcome theem to the world

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Why are people baptized?

Because in Christianity, it is believed that by being baptized, you are being cleansed of your sins.

Do you have to be confirmed to baptized?

No. There are no prerequisites to being baptized. Only that you (as an adult) desire to be baptized. Baptism, however, is a prerequisite to being confirmed. Adults, if they are to be baptized, are usually confirmed on the same day.

How can being baptized make a difference to your life?

Christians believe that being baptized means that you have been united with the holy spirit, as a result, you will make it into heaven because you have the spirit in you. There is no age limit for being baptized, but most people get baptized as babies.

What is rebaptized?

Being baptized again.

What does being baptized in the water mean?

In baptism, the water symbolizes Christ, purification, repentance, and the sacred life of the Holy Spirit.

Can you get married without being baptized?


When was Elizabeth I baptized?

Resources says that Elizabeth was baptized on September 10,1533 being only three days old.

Does it mean I'm saved if i get baptized?


Do you need to be biptised to receive communion?

Yes, you need to be baptized and Catholic to receive communion. If you are not baptized and are under age 8 you can be baptized with the permission of parent. If you are not baptized and are under 18 you will need to show an understanding of the sacrament before being baptized. If you are not baptized and are an adult you will need to attend classes and then be baptized and confirmed and receive communion at an Easter Vigil Mass.

Have people died while being baptized?

I have no idea

What do you call person being baptized?

A baptismal candidate

My husband is baptized but I'm not Do both parents have to be baptized for a child to be baptized?

When you say "a child," do you mean someone of an accountable age (say 11 or older)? It does't matter what age. Anyway your child can and should be baptized even though your not. If you want to get baptized too, you can. That would be cool if you got baptized together, right??---KM

Does baptized and christened mean the same thing?


Where was Jesus before being baptized?

near the Jordan river

Does the protestant believe in being baptized in Jesus name?


What is the difference between being baptized in the faith of the Son and the Holy Spirit than being baptized in Jesus' name?

There is no difference if you already believe that the Son of God is Jesus Christ.

Can you be re-baptized?

Yes. There is scriptural precedent for being re-baptized: Acts 19:3-5 - And he said to them, "Into what then were you baptized?" So they said, "Into John's baptism." Then Paul said, "John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus." When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

My daughter was christened Christian can you have her baptized Catholic?

Maybe, it depends on what you mean by "christened". If by christened, you mean that she was validly baptized with water poured on the head (or immersed) in the name of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), with the intention to do what the Church does when She baptized, then, no, she is already validly baptized, but you would need to speak with a priest to find out for sure. If she is already validly baptized, then she can be accepted into the Church and make her first confession, and first Holy Communion.

Was jesus temted after being baptized?

Yes he was tempted in the wilderness by satan.

What is the role of the person being baptized?

so people can respect jesus !

What conditions must parents fufill in order to have their child baptized?

There are no biblical examples of infants being baptized. Read the book of acts and see what happens when someone becomes a Christian and is Baptized. The process should become very clear. Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess and then be baptized.

Why do you have baptism?

Because you are being welcomed into the family of God. See the related link for the meaning of being Baptized.

What does it mean to be baptized by fire?

baptized with the holy spiritAnswerIn the military, it means your first fire-fight or combat were the bullets are flying.AnswerIn the fire service, it means being inside your first working fire.Weather they succed or fail, the first time a person tries anything.

What is the difference between saved and baptized?

Saved and BaptizedBeing baptized doesn't mean the same thing as can be baptized and not be saved.It doesn't matter.Baptized-to be rebornBaptized is just going under the water as sinful you.But coming out of the water as new you.Example:Joe was dumped under the water in his sin of adultry.But came out happy and not stressed and took his wife and repented to God.Saved-believing Jesus died for our sins and is the son of GodSaved is when someone asks you," who is Jesus?" You say,"The son of God!"And if someone asks you," what did he do for us or you?"You say,"He died for our sins!"Now you know the difference between saved and baptized.....take it from a demon seer!

When are Lutherans baptized?

lutherans can be baptized at any age in life. i was baptized as a baby. but i know people who were baptized as adults. lutherans can be baptized at any age in life. i was baptized as a baby. but i know people who were baptized as adults.