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It is different for everybody, but for me feels like an out of body experience. I give less thought into my actions, and almost seems as if I am a spectator of my own actions. I am drunk right now, my whole body feels a little numb, everything seems a little bit fuzzy, and I do not really care what others think of me. Side note, if you tend to act a little reserved and sheltered, a drink or two is the perfect remedy.


When someone wakes you and you're not completely awake yet, its something like that; every thing kinda feels like you're dreaming. it almost seems as if you are imagining everything that's happening, and it's really hard to find your stuff.. such as your cell phone from your purse or your friends in a crowded club.


It feels like there's less air resistance to your body so your movements are faster and get out of control more easily, like the air got less thick. It gets harder to focus, like when your eyes are really tired. You become more giggly and happier. Sometimes your stomach starts to burn, but maybe that's because I've been drinking 86 proof late at night.

Your balance, reactions and reflexes are slowed. Your judgment is impaired and you are more likely to do things that are out of character, dangerous, embarrassing (later) or stupid. Generally, it is a feeling of being out of control both physically and mentally. There is a good chance you will vomit and you will certainly have a severe headache in the morning; to counteract this 'hangover effect' try to drink some water between alcoholic drinks if your good judgment hasn't deserted you. Drinking too much alcohol can result in alcohol poisoning, followed by death. If you simply have a drink (without getting drunk) you will feel relaxed and perhaps a little lightheaded. It is not necessary to get drunk to enjoy alcohol - as a rule you should use it in moderation.


You lose your inhibitions, and you don't really care what people are thinking of you. You feel like your weak/flying. You feel quite weird about yourself. You do stuff you would never do whilst sober, and you sometimes get a horrible hangover!

You feel like you just went on a child's merry-go-round for an hour, then you eat 10 doughnuts in a row. Trust me! I got my mom's and my drinks mixed up, and I went on a merry-go-round with the local bully pushing me. You cannot stand, or talk for that matter!


Being drunk is like walking while asleep. Your body and mind responds as if someone asked you a question while you are asleep. The mind responds and reacts based on what is already know, these are conclusions based on past inferences. It is said no one lies after being drunk, this happens because mind responds based on what it had already perceived in the past.- Sanket M, Mumbai


It's pretty fun sometimes. As I'm writing this I'm semi-drunk. It's like you're a frame or two behind.... if you understand that. Things seem slow-mo, and you feel off balance. I find that I can actually think BETTER. I just can't express it just right.

For me it's like I can think great, but when I'm actually drunk DRUNK all that comes out is 'ahrmmbad' your brain and your exterior don't work together.

Music sounds better when drunk too. I've been listening to this one song for the longest time. I feel like I love it.


Being drunk is amazing! It makes you come out of your shell, it makes you be more relaxed, it makes you happier. it can make you more aggressive, but that's something you work on. everyone must be drunk at least once in their life it's so much fun. also, you feel weird.. light? and you feel half asleep, like you're listening to your brain but your body isn't listening to your brain. also, you normally end up somewhere and you don't know how or who.


Being drunk feels like your in your own little world.

& makes you sometimes emotional, crazy, friendly, open up etc.

& by the way, makes you pee a lot but that's only because the alcohol is trying to get out of our system either that or vomiting. just make sure to not drink with people you don't know or trust. Other than that party away!



For me I will occasionally drink to excess, my hands, feel and face will go a little numb. I experience a lack of balance and spend some of my time trying to pull myself off the floor depending on how drunk I am. You'll have a slightly ill feeling about you and experience a loss of memory, hearing, your sense of taste and feeling. Chances are your speech will be heavily effected and your vision will be so blurred you cant read or type out simple messages. Drinking effects everyone's feelings differently some times good and some times bad, for me it makes me happy. Physically it can turn you red and cause your pupils to shrink... Now obviously I don't recommend drinking like this how ever this is the answer your looking for.


I use to see blurry vision but because i abused alcohol which was stupid i now after a box of beer i usually go automatically seeing double which i would reckon is the later stages if u keep drinking it or in someways abuse it i started seeing double 1 or 2 years ago and it happens now after iv had my 5th or 6th can obviously if you are drinking it like it was going out of fashion but if i drink a huge amount hopefully without being sick my eyes go together and that's me seeing double hugely which I reckon is a bad effect on the brain and the cells please iv reached this stage i will need detox and also please through experience of drinking since i was 15 through me please don't reach my stage don't abuse it like iv done its bad news when u start seeing double straight away.


Being drunk is strictly a unique experience for each individual and also the effects on your body depend highly of the quantity alcohol you have consumed and whether your consuming the alcohol on empty stomach or you have ate before you consumed. The whole purpose of alcohol is to relax you and make you feel more comfortable in a certain environment or group of people it's purpose is not to over drink and expect to vomit any minute. Getting a little drunk and feeling fuzzy and giggly is okay. Usually if you drank too much alcohol at some point you go down and from feeling giggly and funny you rather begin to feel depressed and uncomfortable so that's the point where you need to stop drinking immediately because this kind of feeling is a sign that you have over done it and effects usually show up 5-10 minutes after. Drinking alcohol to the point where you see the whole room spinning and your ready to puke any minute is not the purpose of drinking and i can tell you for sure it's a hell of a bad experience.

Drink responsibly and stay safe.

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Q: What does being drunk feel like?
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