What does being high feels like?

It really depends on what type of drug you're taking. If it's a psychedelic (mushrooms, LSD), then you're most likely going to see, hear, smell, taste, and possibly feel hallucinations. If it's a stimulant (Cocaine), you're going to be happy and energetic. If it's a depressant, you're going to feel happy for the moment, but somewhat.. 'depressed' or tired after.

If you're talking about the marijuana high many things happen depending on the strain and the quality of the marijuana. For one, time seems to be going very slowly, this may be credited to the possibility that your mind is moving faster or short term memory loss. You may feel like you are inside a dream or in a state of mind between normal conscience's. You may feel like you have left your body and are just in your own world thinking. Your perception of things in the environment is muffled, this may cause you to feel less pain and have difficulty determining how loud things are. You may have irrelevant flashbacks or thoughts, imagination is much clearer which can give you mild hallucinations. Many people think that marijuana takes you to places in your mind you couldn't go otherwise, and give great inspiration and is a good way to relax.

Although marijuana is illegal in most places, it is truly a remarkable plant and if used responsibly it can be a great experience.