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1. of great size: of great size, number, or amount * a big crowd 2. of great power: of great power or volume * A big cheer went up. 3.significant: significant or important to somebody * your big moment 4. significantly great: significantly or surprisingly great * You're making a big mistake.5. important: important and powerful * one of the big fashion houses 6. magnanimous: generous or noble * She's a woman with a big heart. 7.ambitious: full of boastful or unrealistic ambition * She's not likely to fall for his big talk. 8.older: older or grown-up (usually used by or to children) * When I'm big, I'll be rich and famous.9. enthusiastic: enthusiastic about something or somebody (informal) * I'm a big baseball fan.10. great: used to make a word convey greater dislike or disapproval (informal) * It's all a big con, really. 11. filled: filled with or swollen by something (literary) * eyes big with tears 12.pregnant: in an obvious state of pregnancy (archaic) * She was big with child. 13. wine full-bodied: full-bodied and full of flavour * The best accompaniment to this dish would be a big Chianti.adverb

-bigness, , noun

big on enthusiastic about or recognizing the importance of something (informal)

make it big to be extremely successful (informal)

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The big mean the liberty

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What is slang for big?

ColossalGinormousHumongousWhopper (can mean huge, or can mean a big lie)

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What is the definition of big?

Of considerable size; large. Large, as in size, height, width, or amount could mean big. Of major concern, importance, gravity, or the like could mean big. Outstanding for a specified quality could mean big. Important, as in influence, standing, or wealth could mean big. Consisting of the largest or most influential companies in an industry could mean big.

What does think big mean to ben Carson?

have a big mind think big

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What does large mean?


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EGO mean personality ex: when you say you have a big ego means you have a big personality

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well people get hospitalized and die from it. big!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!What do you mean?!?!?!?!?!

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big shoes.... big socks.

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Tey wear big shoes

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Your thighs are big.

How big is a 60Gb hardrive on an Xbox 360?

What do u mean "how big".

What does it mean when the earth rotates?

its big and has alot of m=big things

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if you mean when it comes out it will be about half as big as your belly

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