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What does big do mean?


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1. of great size: of great size, number, or amount * a big crowd 2. of great power: of great power or volume * A big cheer went up. 3. significant: significant or important to somebody * your big moment 4. significantly great: significantly or surprisingly great * You're making a big mistake. 5. important: important and powerful * one of the big fashion houses 6. magnanimous: generous or noble * She's a woman with a big heart. 7. ambitious: full of boastful or unrealistic ambition * She's not likely to fall for his big talk. 8. older: older or grown-up (usually used by or to children) * When I'm big, I'll be rich and famous. 9. enthusiastic: enthusiastic about something or somebody (informal) * I'm a big baseball fan. 10. great: used to make a word convey greater dislike or disapproval (informal) * It's all a big con, really. 11. filled: filled with or swollen by something (literary) * eyes big with tears 12. pregnant: in an obvious state of pregnancy (archaic) * She was big with child. 13. wine full-bodied: full-bodied and full of flavour * The best accompaniment to this dish would be a big Chianti. adverb

-bigness, , noun

big on enthusiastic about or recognizing the importance of something (informal)

make it big to be extremely successful (informal)