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What does blitz mean?

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"Blitz" is the German word for "lightning".

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What was the blitz experience?

if you mean the London blitz it was air raids. bombs

What does Media Blitz mean?

An intense campaign: a media blitz focused on young voters.

What does the word blitz mean from world war 2?

Blitz in WW2 was an intensive campaign of aerial bombing.

What did blitz mean?

it means something init

What does World War 2 Blitz mean?

The Blitz refers to German bombing raids on cities during WW2

In the blitz what does this mean-afs?

Auxiliary Fire Service.

What deos blitz mean?

An intensive or sudden military attack

Why did you have the blitz?

why did we have the blitz

What does the word blitz mean?

== == Blitz attack ... is a fast, violent attack on a town, city, etc. usually with bombs dropped from aircraftBlitz activity ... a lot of energetic activity'Blitz' means lightning.It is used to indicate that something is happening very fast.blitzschnell - quick as lightning

Describe the effects of the blitz on everyday life in Britain does this mean the effect of the blitz so after 1941 or is it the effect during the blitz?

I think it means both. During the Blitz eg. the air raids interrupting peoples jobs and also the aftermath eg. the destruction of buildings, homes, lives etc.

What is a 5 letter word meaning attack?

Depending on context, "attack" can mean punch, shell, blitz, strafe, knock, blast, blitz, charge, spasm

What does the word blitz mean and where does it come from it come from ww2?

blitz is the football term meaning sack 'em the quater back says that though now get to your homework

Was France in the blitz in world war 2?

That depends, if by 'the blitz' you mean the Blitzkrieg tactics, France may have been subject to that before its eventual conquer by Nazi forces.

What does it mean when a recipe calls for you to blitz something?

Put it in a food processor or blender

What does blitz in cooking mean?

The act of using a food processor to prepare the food.

Why does blitz have a name?

The Blitz is called the Blitz because the term 'Blitz' is short for Blitzkrieg and means Lightning war in German. Your Welcome <3

When did the blitz end?

The Blitz ended in 1941

How much did the blitz cost?

I think the Blitz cost 36,00 I think the Blitz cost 36,00

What does the world blitz mean?

The word Blitz is the German word meaning lighting. The correct term for what many call the blitz is the Blitzkrieg, which means lighting war. The Blitzkreig is the war stratagy used by the Germans to invade enemy countries during World War 2

Where does the name blitz originate?

blitz originate from Germany because blitz means in German 'lightning war'

Why did Germany conduct the Blitz Krieg?

why did the blitz start

How was the blitz called the blitz?

The name blitz came from the word blitzkrieg which was the German way of saying lighting war. So the word blitz comes from lighting war.

Did the blitz start in 1941?

No. The Blitz started in September 1940.

How did the blitz end?

The Blitzended in mid may 1941.

Where did the word blitz come from?

Blitz is the German word for lightning.