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some might eat hamburger meat, diffrent kinds of fruit [ they llike berries the most] sometimes fish or greens. They can also eat wet dog food. (cat food deforms shells)

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What kind of plants do box turtles eat?

box turtles eat dandelions

Can box turtles eat box turtles?

HEAVENS NO!! They eat a variety of fruits and such.

Do box turtles eat tomatoes?

Box turtles love tomatoes.

What animal eats box turtles?

Snakes eat box turtles

Do Box turtles eat grubs?

yes grubs are one of many bugs box turtles eat in the wild.

Do Eastern box turtles eat poisonous mushrooms?

Box turtles can eat species of mushrooms that are poisonous to humans.

Do turtles eat their babies?

Yes Box turtles eat their babies . I have not figured out why. they do not eat there young.

Do box turtles eat crickets?

Yes, box turtles do eat crickets. I used to have one and we bought it crickets in the summer.

Can box turtles eat tomatos?

Yes, box turtles can eat tomatoes, but it should not replace it's daily diet.

Do box turtles eat frogs?


Do box turtles eat pickles?


Can box turtles eat fish?

Most box turtles eat worms and small insects... It really depends on the species of box turtle.... Most box turtles do not eat fish because they don't live in the water and being in water too long can harm their health.

Can turtles eat box elder bugs?

Yes, turtles can eat box elder bugs. The question expands to whether or not they will. Insect-eating turtles in fact tend to avoid box elder bugs (Boisea trivittata) as unpleasant to eat or smell.

Do box turtles eat earthworms?


Can box turtles eat grass?

yes they can.

Do box turtles eat scrambled eggs?


Do turtles eat apples?

Box (land) turtles do-and lettuce, other fruits.

Were do box turtles live?

Box Turtles live in The Dessert and dig burrows. They like to eat cactus fruit. :))))

Are box turtles a herbivorecarnivoreor an omnivore?

Box turtles are mostly herbivores but they can eat some meat so they are omnivores.

Can box turtles eat oranges?

it's not recomended that they eat citrus

What do ornate box turtles eat?

insects and meat

Do eastern box turtles eat lettuce?


Can eastern box turtles eat dandelions?

Yes they can

Can box turtles eat a fly?

hello it is me die

What eats the box jellyfish?

Sea turtles because they are unaffected by the sting and regularly eat them sea turtles are apparently unaffected by the deadly sting and eat box jellies.