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It completely depends on the boy. Some will pick for looks, others for personality, some for shyness, others because they have things in common. The older the boys get, the more specific they are. But its impossible to say all boys like this or that...If this is a young boy, he may not know what he likes yet and that's great. It gives him an opportunity to try new things and find new attractions. Be careful tho because some boys unfortunatley will only show interest in some girls whom they think they can just have sex with....this is NOT the way to go. My hubby liked that I spoke my mind and wasn't afraid to give an opinion when we first met...however with one of his previous girlfriends he liked that she would always agree with him (never lasts long if you show no individuality) and a friend of mine chose his girlfriend because they were in the same career and have common interests. Best advice, just ask the boy in question (if there is one) and see what he says...

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Q: What does boy now in 2007 like in girls.Do they like SHYNESS?
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When you like a boy how do you get over shyness?

you hang out with him more

How can I talk to a boy I like and what can I do to overcome my shyness?

that dose not means he like you it just means he like to firt with you i know you should talk to him hang out with him sometimes

Why a teenage boy gest nervous of the girl he stares at?

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Why did the boy you like look at you look down at the floor smiling shake his head and then turn around?

It's probably shyness.

A boy is shy to talk to you but does he like you?

Shyness does not in itself indicate either liking or not liking, it is just shyness. If you want to know if someone likes you, see if you can start a conversation. Ask him what he thinks about the new Star Trek movie.

Crush on a shy boy What do you do?

go talk to him then try to get him out of shyness and then ask him out

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This is an easy question, it all depends on the boy and what personality he likes in girls. If you don't think a guy that you like likes you back then maybe come out of your shyness and make yourself heard and noticed by him. But it all depends on the boy! Hope I Helped! The Preteen Relationship Advisor

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You could ask him questions that would help you get to know him. Questions like: What kind of hobbies do you like to do? or What sort of music are you into? You know, things like that. Getting to know each other may ease him out of his shyness.

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