What does brianna mean in Chinese?

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What does Brianna mean?

feminine form of Brian. Brianna means: Noble, strong, virtuous; hill. See the Related link below.

What does brianna mean in latin?

Brianna means in latin is a girl that is choosen for a place such a softball in china and she could be Jewish. 1996 to 2009. Theirs is Brianna Lopez,Brianna Nene,Brianna Cano.

What dose the name brianna mean?

brianna means strong one. it may also mean noble. brianna spelled briana means strong. they are about the same
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What does Brianna fallon mean?

it means she is super pretty so that means i am super pretty
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What is the meaning of Brianna in Irish?

Brianna is not an Irish Gaelic name. It is a feminine form of Brian in English.
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What does Brianna mean in Mexico?

Brianna is an American feminine variation of the Celtic name Brian, which means "Strong" in Celtic language. Hence, it is not translatable.