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What does bubonic mean?


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Bubonic means symptomatic evidence of buboes, which are lymph nodes inflamed and swollen because of plague, gonorrhea or tuberculosis.


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it comes from the bubonic plague

People who have the Bubonic Plague experience chills, muscle pains and headaches. These symptoms don't necessarily mean you have the plague though.

Your screwed and you have about 4 days to live

Do you mean bubonic plague? If so - yes.

Anybody can catch the bubonic plague

The Bubonic plague is called bubonic because it comes from the Greek word boubōn, meaning swelling. Since the swelling of the lymph nodes is the most common symptom of the bubonic plague, this is the term used.

To be cured from the bubonic plague you can use antibiodics. In the previous bubonic plagues when it was a plague there was no cure.

no there is not. scientist are trying to find a cure for the Bubonic plague but with your help we can fight the Bubonic plague.

The bubonic plague ended in 2012

The bubonic plague was cured with antibiotics.

Named after the Doctor; "Edward Bubonic", in England. then type pictures of the bubonic plague

if you mean through the Middle Ages this was the bubonic Plague caused by rats.

This is a very nasty infectious disease, usually called the Bubonic plague, or the black death (but not the bubonic death). It has killed a lot of people.

The common name for bubonic plague is the Black Death.

Modern medicine can effectively cure bubonic plague yes.

the bubonic plague occurred in Europe about 400 years ago

Another name for the bubonic plague is the Black Death.

The bubonic plages time period was the middel ages.

The Bubonic Plague was said to be started from the infestation of Rats

SWAK, and its Pneumonic Plague, not Bubonic.

Bubonic Plague is caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis.

The Bubonic plague started in approximately 1330 in Southern China.

From China, the Bubonic Plague spread to Sicily, Italy.

The Bubonic Plague killed millions of people.

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