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Importance of the system/feature in terms of availability, accuracy and backup.

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Q: What does business critical mean?
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What is one way that you use critical thinking in your daily life?

Critical can mean "serious" so I think you use critical thinking every day of a business/job life.

What are the three principal types of critical system?

1. safety critical 2. mission critical 3. business critical

What does the word critical mean?

In terms of business and finance the term of critical often refers to an item (s) that require intense attention. For example, at a corporate board meeting the CEO may make a case that it's critical to the business that a bid be made to the Government to produce x number of military tanks. Not to do so as soon as possible could mean a loss of income that is vital for the company to remain active in the business of producing weapons for the Dept. of Defense. This is an example of the use of the term critical. It basically means this issue requires the utmost attention. A goal that is vital.

How can you put critical in a sentence?

The customer's good will is critical to the success of any business . She was critical of her husband's philandering because it was a betrayal of her trust in him .

In business what does it mean to short someone's paper?

To short someone's paper is to attack the character of this person through harsh, critical remarks of his/her shortcomings.

What is involved in developing a business continuity strategy?

To develop a business continuity strategy, one must first analyze the business to find which factors in the business are critical. One must then think of ways to keep those critical business processes going in case of an emergency.

Why is entrepreneurship critical to business success?

An entrepreneur assumes risk and she will work hard for the business to succeed

Advantage of statistics in business?

There are so many advantages of statistics in business. They will help in planning and making critical decisions that are related to the business.

What is the most critical threat possible in modern business?

Information theft

What does close and critical mean?

Close means nearby. Critical is vitally important.

Does critical thinking mean criticising?

Sort of but it is more about deciding what IS critical to a situation.

What is the critical situation facing by entrepreneurs to startup a small business?

In these hard economic times, the critical situations relaxed by entrepreneurs trying to start up a new business is having startup funds available and producing enough business to at least break even.