What does byf on a German luger mean?

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What does 'byf' mean on Luger pisotls?

Maker's code, indicating that the pistol was made by Mauser.

What is a German luger byf 41 worth with all matching parts?

value depends on overall condition. your mauser COULD be worth $900-$1200

What does the abbreviation 'BYF' mean in a cellphone text message?

"BYF" is an abbreviation for "Bring Your Friends."

Does a serial number below 900 mean anything as to the value of a 41 byf luger?

no, just means gun made early 1941 (based on serial number)

How much is a luger p08 btf 41 worth?

that should be 'byf 41 and that means it was made by Mauser. value depends on overall condtion................

What is German lugar?

if you actually mean 'luger', it was a pistol used by the germans in ww2

What is the value of your World War 2 German luger with matching parts holster over all good condition serial 655 made in 1940 you don't know were it was made but have 2 eagles markings and Swastika?

check top of the luger. you should see: byf(mauser), suhl, erfurt, or DWM. those are the different makers

What does luger mean in ammo?

by reference to 'luger' ammo, one believes it to be a 9mm cartridge, which is the cartrige for the German luger. however, there are many other pistol that were made to fire the 9mm luger cartridge. in addition, the luger was also made in the '30 cal luger' which is a smaller bullet in a necked down cartridge.

What is the value of your 1903 french luger?

the luger is a German design, not french. luger value depends on overall condition.......

Is there a 11 mil German luger?


What is the price of a 4081 German Luger?

It is impossible to value a Luger with just a serial number.

What is the value of my 1939 German luger?

firearm value depends on overall condition. do you have a picture of the luger ??

What is a luger pistol?

The Luger P08 was a standard sidearm of the German Military in both World Wars.

What is a 8.83 German Luger?

8.83 is the diameter of the luger bore. which means it's a 9mm caliber

How much is a World War 2 German Luger case valued at?

Amazing as it may seem, the holster for the German Luger can be worth as much as $300.

How do you know if German luger uses 7.62 ammo?

luger were made to fire a 9mm cartridge or the 30 luger cartridge. a 9mm cartridge will not chamber in a 30 cal luger pistol............

What are the Nazi markings on a 1942 German Luger pistol?

go to: (luger markings)

When was the luger invented?

I believe you will find that the German Luger P08 went into production in the early 1900's. P08 basically refers to Pistol of 1908.The luger was used extensively during WW1 and WW2 by German forces.

What is the Average value of a 1950 German luger hand gun?

luger production ceased about 1942. the P38 took over as the German military pistol during WW2..................any luger made after WW2 were after market pistols.

What rhymes with cougar?

- Luger (German Pistol) - sugar

Where do you find the model number on your German Luger?

the frame

What kind of ammo does a German luger use?

9x19 millimetre, also known as the 9mm Luger or 9mm Parabellum.

What is the age of German luger serial number 89539?

if you look down on the luger top you will see a date. that is when it was made.....

What caliber is a German Luger hand gun?

German Luger pistols before 1902 used a proprietary 7.65mm bottleneck cartridge, sometimes referred to as .30 Luger in US. After 1902 Lugers used the 9mm round, also commonly known as 9mm Para (Parabellum) and 9mm Luger.

What is the difference between a 380 caliber and a 9mm and a 9mm luger?

Good answer below. The "9mm Luger" is properly the 9mm Parabellum, but it is also called the Luger. There are about a dozen different cartridges with 9mm in their name, but the 9mm Luger is the best known.