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What does cerulean mean?

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Where is the cerulean cave in heartgold?

in cerulean city. what do you think I mean seriously do you think saffron? you are awesome

What do you do after you defeat team rocket?

if you mean on the bridge in cerulean city ,after you have defeated the man their you have yo check the rubber rings at the end of the cerulean gym

How do you located lifeguard tower in cerulean city in Pokemon gold?

theres no lifeguard tower in cerulean city. i think you mean the lighthouse in olivine city .

How do get wobbeet in FireRed in Pokemon?

If you mean, "Wobbuffet", you can catch it in Cerulean Cave.

Where is the 3rd gym leader in Kanto in heart of gold?

If you mean Misty in Cerulean, you have to go along route 25 north of cerulean to the end of the route and she will return to her gym.

Where is the cerulean cape?

north of cerulean city

Where is cerulean cave in soulsilver?

The Cerulean Cave is in Cerulean City. You have to surf from a place around Cerulean Cape down to the Cerulean Cave. The Cerulean Cape is north of Cerulean City across the bridge.Go to the north end of the nugget bridge then left down the grass and follow the mountain to it. Btw you'll need flash and you can find Mewtwo in it.

Why is the cerulean warbler endangered?

The cerulean warbler is not endangered.

Why is the shady character in cerulean city?

In the Cerulean Gym

Where is cerulean cave on emerald GBA?

cerulean cave is in blue,red,yellow (very old games) and in leaf green and fire red not in emerald. i think you might mean sky pillar

What is a cerulean sapphire?

It's a blue sapphire-- cerulean is a color.

Where is the cerulean gym leader in soul silver?

Cerulean cape

What town is the cerulean gym in soul silver?

in cerulean city

When was Cerulean Tower created?

Cerulean Tower was created in 2001.

What is Cerulean Studios's population?

The population of Cerulean Studios is 9.

Where to find cerulean cave in ruby version?

there is no cerulean cave in ruby

How to get Suicune in cerulean city in Pokemon soul silver?

You don't get him in cerulean

WHERE is the gym leader cerulean in gold?

at the top of Cerulean Cape with her boyfriend.

What is a sentence for cerulean?

Example sentence - She had her car painted a cerulean color.

Were do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Yellow?

Cerulean Cave, outside Cerulean City

How many pages does Cerulean Sins have?

Cerulean Sins has 405 pages.

Where is the cape in HeartGold?

The cape you are most likely talking about is the Cerulean Cape. The Cerulean Cape is located northeast of Cerulean City. You have to go north through Cerulean Bridge, and then go as far east as possible.

Where is cerulean cape on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Cerulean Cape is north of Cerulean City. Go up through the long bridge extending north. After exiting the bridge, everything up there is called Cerulean Cape.

How do you get in the Cerulean Cave in emerald?

Cerulean Cave, nor Cerulean City, was not in Pokemon Emerald. In RBY, it opens up after beating the Elite 4.

What is in the Cerulean cave in soul silver?

The cerulean cave is behind that man that says u need all badges to get through. It is in cerulean city

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