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C'est moi dans l'avenir means "that's me in the future" in English.

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dans les quatre means 'in the four' in English.

dans mon placard means 'in my cupboard' in English.

Dans un champ means 'in a field' in English.

dans ta chair means in your flesh in English.

It means: 'Is it true or false?'

Dans ma chambre means 'in my bedroom'.

C'est quel mois means 'what month is it?'

What does matiere preferee cest mean? it means liek wahts your favourite subject here ill answer it English: My favourite subject is Science French: Ma matiere preferee, cest Science Remenber the acents in french peace (\/) (' ') (").(")

Dans ton pays means "in your country" in French.

Un cochon dans le jardin means "a pig in the garden" in English.

c'est la première - it's the first (feminine)

je ne sais quoi = I don't know what

'à utiliser dans ce train' means 'to be used in this train' in English.

This isn't a complete sentence, but what you wrote translates to "...'who' but it's okay".

toujours dans mon propre petit monde means 'always in my own small word' in English.

Vas dans ton copte et (that should be spelled "va dans ton compte et ....") means "go into your account and ..."

In full, this means "numéro dans la voie", and the simplest translation is "building number" in the street/road address.

In English, il y a une bête dans mon pantalon means "there is an animal in my pants".

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