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c'est qui means 'who is it' or 'who's there?' in French

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This isn't a complete sentence, but what you wrote translates to "...'who' but it's okay".

Qui? = Who? Occasionally 'which' or 'that'.

Bon qui qui is the name of a person on mad tv

Qui means 'who' in English.

Who who my friend. "Qui qui" is also slang in french for "penis"

avec qui means 'with who'

What does matiere preferee cest mean? it means liek wahts your favourite subject here ill answer it English: My favourite subject is Science French: Ma matiere preferee, cest Science Remenber the acents in french peace (\/) (' ') (").(")

Ce qui means 'that which' i think :)

qui m'aime = who loves me.

It means "who is it?" Qui is the word for who in French, while c'est mean it's.

'Qui' means 'Yes' in English. I take french so I know this.

t'es qui toi? - hey you? who are you?

c'est comment means 'how is it' in French.

that means : what is it ?

qui a le ... means 'who has the ... / which has the ...'

Qui étudie beaucoup : which is much studyingQui étudie beacoup? : Who studies a lot?

Mais c'est qui ? means 'but who is it?' in English.

"qui est la" ==> Who is the

"who are you" is the translationqui êtes-vous ? : who are you?

It means: 'Is it true or false?'

this is still as serious / grave / important

C'est seems to be a french word and means that is.

It can mean: "That's French" (the language) or "it is French" or "that's the Frenchman" or "it is the Frenchman".

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