What does chao mean?

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kaumangon ka!

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Q: What does chao mean?
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What does xin chao mean?

xin chao means hello in Vietnamese

What does so chao mean?

~ goodbye ~

Why does your Chao draw pizzas?

cause your chao is bored usally it doesn't mean anything

What does chao y si ablo espaΓ±ol mean in english?

I believe you mean; chao y sí hablo español. Goodbye and yes I speak English.

What sonic characters is most likely to understand a chao?

Cream the Rabbit... I mean she has two chao's of her own. Although I don't know if Chao's can speak in the first place x_x

Sonic adventure 2 battle your chao is in a pink caccon what does that mean?

it means that your chao has reincarnated! (yay!) when the cocoon dissapears an egg will be there, when it hatches it will have the old chao's name and have 10% of its stats

What do you get when you mate a gold chao with a silver chao?

You'd have four different options: * A gold chao * A silver chao * a gold chao with silver highlights * a silver chao with gold highlights

How do you get your chao to evolve into ultimate chao in sonic adventure 2 battle?

I take it you mean a Chaos chao. Reincarnate it twice,then on the 3º life give it one of each all 21 animal types (no drives).Wait for evolution.The type of Chaos chao you get depends of it's alignment.

Why can't I make my chao mate?

Chao CAN mate with each other.Ok,so one of your Chao has flowers blooming around it.In order to make a Chao mate with the Chao that has flowers blooming around it,you need to put another Chao next to the Chao that is ready to breed.Sometimes,a Chao might not like the Chao mating so then it goes away.Or you might be trying to breed a Child Chao with a Baby Chao.Baby Chao cannot breed with others.Only Child Chao with Child Chao.And the last reason why you can't mate your Chao is probably because you are trying to breed a Child Chao with a Chaos Chao.Chaos Chao cannot breed.Sometimes a Chao is already near the Chao mating.So if it likes the mating Chao,it will walk up to it and they will breed.

What happend if you gave your chao more that the 21 animals you need to give him to become a chao chao?

He would either become a "Death" Chao or a "Life" Chao With Unlocks you a Grave yard Chao Garden of a Heaven Chao Garden with is amazingly Fun :)

Can a chao never become a chaos chao if it has had animals in the past.?

it can be a chaos chao

Where can you get chao papercraft instructions?

You can get Chao papercrafts on a website called Chao Laboratory

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