What does chocalate taste like?

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What does sabes a chocalate mean in English?

you taste like chocolate

How many people like milk chocalate over white chocalate strawberries?

100,000 people liike milk chocalate and 67,000 like white chocalate

You like chocalate?


List any ten food stuff that are bitter in taste?

Dark Chocalate, black coffee and beer

What can of candy Bruno Mars like?


How do chocolate makers test new ideas?

Tey have chocalate tasters & take peaple to taste & do statistics & know

Why does chocalate taste so good?

A great many people in the world just love chocolate because of the sweetness and the texture

What cake is the best taste?

This is a matter of opinion but a popular answer is chocalate gateu and also raspberry ripple cake is very popular.

How do you write a qbasic program?

type: PRINT "I like chocalate!"

Why does your used oil look like chocalate milk?


Why America hunts Easter eggs?

because they like chocalate

Is Chocalate Milk renewable?

No,chocalate milk is not renewable

How many chocalate blocks are in the chocalate palace?

300000 jitesh patel

Why do yu need chocalate chip cookies?

People do not need chocolate chip cookies to survive. However, they taste delicious and can make people happy to have them.

Does people eat chocalate cake on mars?

does people it chocalate cake on mars

Do boys like dark skined girls?

yes..some boyz like chocalate and uthers...irdk

How many people like chocalate milkover strawberry milk?

i do!!!! i hate strawberry milk!!!!!!!!

What is a good dog name for a chocalate lab?

Bogey (Boh-gee) Like golf

What coulour dogs do you like?

I love chocalate browN dogs but also love dalmations !!!!

How do you get mcnulty to like your cupcake on moshling cupcake?

you get either normal or chocalate and you leave it plain

What were the earthquake waves like in the haiti earthquake?

its made of chocalate dog dung yum.

What tastes good in a chocalate bar?

First it depends on the chocolate bar. Like if it's a Crunch bar you'll taste the creamy milk chocolate and crisp rice puffs, like the Rice Krispies Puffs. Or if It's a Hershey's bar, you'll taste the rich milk chocolate. Hershey's bars are different from Crunch bars because the chocolate is thicker and richer. So it all really depends on your specific taste, and what is in the chocolate bar. If you think about the taste, it will come to you, and the you will enjoy the bar even more.

Do brains taste like chicken?

No, they do not taste like chicken. They most likey taste like blood vessels.

Does Miley Cyrus like chocalate?

yes she likes chocolate it's one of her favorite food

What did the flags from each side in the civil war look like?

obama is a beautifal chocalate man