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What does chromium picolinate do?



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Like so many Over-the Counter medications, Chromium Picolinate has no known nutrional benefits, and no scientific evidence that it has any effects on weight loss. Losing weight is very simple, you must burn more calories than you take in, there are no magic pills! First, chromium is a supplemental mineral and not over the counter medication. In addition, chromium picolinate when used either in a supplement or alone but not exceeding 200 mcg daily is beneficial with type 2 diabetes in helping regulate your glucose and balancing your sugars. like any supplement or especially drugs you should consult your doctor if you have other underlying conditions, to make sure you don't have interactions or allergies. never exceed the recommended allowance either. Most doctors don't want you to take chromium because the drug companies don't make money off of them like drugs do. however, in their defense, a good dr will be honest and tell you the benefits and any contraindications for its use and let you make the decision, after all it is your body and your money. I say, you are better off taking the chromium with little or no side effects than taking the drugs with known side effects, the choice is yours. it has helped in managing weight loss, cholesterol, metabolism also and it puts the sugars in your body in right places. for further info see