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What does code 32 mean on a 1987 Pontiac Bonneville?


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code 32 -1987-Pontiac bonevillecode 32 on 1987 Pontiac Bonneville -means-Baro sensor or circuit(carbureted models)or if(fuel injected model)means-EGR circuit

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I have a supercharged 1995 Bonneville and this code has come up quite often. It is a Fuel Trim code. Your fuel is either burning rich or lean.

from my understanding that code is just a factory assessed code.doesnt really mean to much from my understanding that code is just a factory assessed code.doesnt really mean to much

P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected

Well tanked means to get really drunk

I believe this is a Pontiac paint code

your mass air flow senser has low frequency (replace it)

Trouble code P0400 means: EGR System Performance

Trouble Code P1640 means:Control module output A circuit

Trouble code P0742 means:Torque converter clutch circuit stuck on

If you mean 5w20 synthetic the answer is NO. Pontiac recommends SAE 10w30 weight oil in Synthetic or Conventional. Use exactly that weight.

A P1406 error code on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire indicates a faulty EGR valve. This can result in poor engine performance and should be replaced immediately.

Trouble code P1336 means: CKP System Variation Not Learned

Trouble code P0742 means: Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit Stuck On

Trouble code P0440 means: EVAP System No Flow During Purge

Coolant Temp below thermostat regulating temp.

i need to know what code P1655 means on a 1997 pontiace tran sport Montana

Trouble code P1639 means: 5-Volt Reference (B Or 2) Circuit

Are you sure about that code? I'm not seeing it in the ODBII code list. http://autorepair.about.com/od/obdcodedatabase/a/OBD_1996_year.htm

Depends on if you mean the radiator fan or the inside blower fan. They should be at the back of the engine compartment against the firewall under a plastic cover all in a row.

The Pontiac Montana CD player error code 20 is a reference to the CD player not recognizing the CD programming. Try to play another CD and see if the error code persists.

Trouble code P1652 means: Cooling Fan 2 Relay Control Circuit Malfunction

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