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What does cognitive decline mean?

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decline is brain functions. how they normal process information and how they respond to the natural environment

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What is cognitive decline?

Cognitive decline occurs when part of the brain no longer functions as it did in the past. Memory is one of the first areas to be noticed when it starts to decline.

What is dimentia?

Dementia is a condition where there is a decline in cognitive function. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer's disease.

Does decline mean to refuse?

Yes, decline can mean to refuse.

What does mega cognitive mean?

Mega-cognitive is a typo; the word is "meta-cognitive", referring to cognition about your own cognitive processes (e.g. thinking about your current thoughts/feelings)

What does cognitive economy mean-?

The tendency for cognitive processes to minimize processing effort and resources

What does cognitive economy mean?

Cognitive economy is the economics of thinking. It uses economical data from things like cognitive ability, expectations, hypothetical situations, and the like.

What does rural decline mean?

Rural Decline means increasing poverty in the countryside.

What does growth and decline in business mean?

growth mean in bussiness that your bussiness getting bigger and decline mean when your bussiness goes down or when your bussiness bust.

Who is the author of decline and fall?

If you mean The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, it was Edward Gibbon.

What is huntingstons disease?

Huntington's disease, chorea, or disorder(HD), is aneurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline and dementia.

What does cognitive domain mean?

Cognitive domain is one of the three classifications of learning objectives as explained by Bloom's Taxonomy. The cognitive domain deals with skills like knowledge, comprehension, and critical thinking. The cognitive domain is most highly valued in the traditional education system.

What is the root word cogon mean?

to know recognize, cognitive, incognito

What does decline mean?

It goes down, like if there is 100 then it drops to 50.It could mean to refuse a request. For instance, I had to decline the offer of a job, as I was quite happy where I was working.Or it could mean that: After his wife passed away, Fred's health went into a sharp decline, and he died not long after.

What does decline a penalty mean?

that you don't enfore what the penalty is such as if there is offsides on defense but i score i would decline and go on as if it never happened.

Does decline and covet mean the same thing?

Those words have entirely different meanings. To decline is to refuse, and to covet is to desire.

What does veto a bill mean?

To veto a bill is to decline or not accept it

What does it mean when a person is suffering from dimensia?

Dementia is a condition that mostly seen in older adults. This is a global loss of cognitive ability, which is greater than would be expected to be seen in a typical aging adult. Common symptoms include decline in memory, decision making skills and overall awareness.

A country standard of living may decline?

well, if you mean: "Can a country's standard of living decline?" then in answer to that question i would say yes, a country's standard of living can decline, anything can get worse no matter what it is

When a doctor states His thoughts are cognitive. what does that mean?

hi i pretty sure cognitive means positive thinking, you should think good thoughts not bad,hope that helps.

What does cognitive losses mean?

This means that someone has decreased brain function. Basically, cognitive means anything that the brain controls including memory, understanding language, thinking, etc.

What is cognitive withdrawal?

Cognitive means thinking. Cognitive withdrawal would mean withdrawing the thinking, or drawing back into your own mind. A person who has withdrawn would not be paying attention to what was going on around them. This could range from mild absent-mindedness to severe autism.

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