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'Comment allez vous' simply means "how are you doing?" or "how's it going?".

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I’m well thank you

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Q: What does comment allez vous mean in English?
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What does comment allez-vous mean in English'?

"Comment allez-vous ?" = How are you doing ?

What is the English for 'Comment allez vous'?

The English for "Comment allez-vous?" is: How are you?

What is 'Comment allez-vous' when translated from French to English?

Comment allez-vous? in French is "How are you?" in English.

What does comment allez vous mean in French?

Comment allez-vous means 'how are you' in French.

What does the French 'Comment allez-vous' mean?

I think you mean "Comment allez vous" which means "how are you?"

What does the French 'Comment allez vous' mean?

Comment allez-vous? means: How are you?

How do we say how are you in English?

Comment allez-vous

What Does Comment Tala Vous Mean?

"Comment allez-vous ?" means "How are you?""allez" is pronounced "taley" because of the liaisonbetween the ending "t" of "comment" and the beginning vowel "a" of "allez".

What is the English for 'Comment allez-vous'?

The English equivalent of 'Comment allez-vous' is How are you?, How do you do? In the word-by-word translation, the adverb 'comment' means 'how'. The verb 'allez' is in the second person plural, and therefore means '[you all] are going, do go, go'. The personal pronoun 'vous' means 'you'.

What is 'Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui' when translated from French to English?

Comment allez-vous aujourd-hui? in French means "How are you today?" in English.

What does Bonjour comment allez-vous mean?

Bonjour means Hello or good morning Comment allez vous means How are you ?

What does comment allez vous mean?

Comment allez-vous means "How are you". Asking:Comment allez-vous? [How are you?](formal)Answering:Je vais bien. (I'm fine.)Bien, merci. (Fine, thanks.)Bien, et vous? (Fine, and you?)

How did french people say how do you do?

comment vas-tu?, comment allez-vous?, comment vas?, comment allez-vous?

What does Comment allez-vous s'il vous plait mean?

How are you, please?

What does come tailles vous mean?

comment-allez-vous? means how are you? in French.

How do you respond to comment allez-vous?

"comment-allez vous ?" Ans - cava bien, merci, et vous ? (I'm fine, thank you; and you ?)

What is 'How are you' when translated from English to French?

"How are you?" in English is Comment allez-vous? in French.

What is 'Allez-vous' when translated from French to English?

Allez-vous...? in French is "Are you going...?" in English.

How do you say how've you been in french?

Vous allez bien? Comment allez-vous?

How do you say 'how are you' in Canada?

How are you:English = How are you?French = Comment allez vous?

What does vous allez mean in english?

you are going

What is the French of how are you?

comment allez-vous

In French how are you?

comment allez-vous ?

How do you ask 'how are you' in French?

Comment allez-vous? Vous allez bien? Comment ça va? Ca va?

What does tallez vous mean in English?

I assume you mean "comment allez-vous?" in which case, "tallez" is not a word. The t is obtained by contraction between the "t" of "comment" and the "a" of allez". In this case, "comment allez-vous?" means "How are you?". However, "tallez" itself is the conjugated form of the French verb "taller", which means "to grow small branches". This is used when talking about plants, and it would be extremely weird for it to be used in the manner you described above.