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Generally, retail pricing for a like product of 10% lower, equal to, or up to 10% higher than the competition can be considered "competitive pricing". A small company with little overhead may be able to charge less while a larger company with more overhead may have to charge more.

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Q: What does competitive pricing mean?
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How do you put incentive and competitive pricing in a sentence?

Competitive pricing is an incentive for shoppers.

What is Cadbury's pricing strategy?

competitive pricing because of all its competitors

What are four pricing objectives?

Four pricing objectives are competitive, prestige, profitability, and volume pricing.

Advantages and disadvantages of competitive pricing strategy?


What is the theory of competitive pricing?

setting a price by reference to other prices of comparable competitive products.

What is the most important pricing strategy for a perfectly competitive firm?

Minimizing cost

When delta airline raises or lowers its prices on its atlanta to chicago route orther airlines tend to make the same changes in their pricing This is example of what pricing?

I believe it's competitive pricing.

Where is the best place to find health insurance for competitive pricing?

A lot of insurance companies will offer you competitive pricing. My insurance broker will draw up a list of places so that I can price each one against each other!

Give the definition of target profit pricing?

Target-Profit-Pricing Target-profit-pricing method involves identifying the price at which a product will be competitive in the marketplace, defining the desired profit to be made on the product, and computing the target cost for the product by subtracting the desired profit from the competitive market price Jason

What is meant by competitive pricing?

The concept behind this frequently used pricing objective is to simply match the price established by an industry leader for a particular product.

What are the factors affecting pricing policy?

Factors that affect pricing policy are competitor actions and the competitive landscape. Changes in the economy can also affect pricing policy. Changes in demand can affect pricing. Changes in supplies and operations can change prices as well.

What do you mean by transfer pricing?

transfer pricing is in the case of transferred with in the organisation the pricing of contribution for assets ,

How companies differentiate and position their products for maximum competitive advantage Answer?

the companies differentiate and position their products as a competitive advantage through products,product packing,pricing,after sales services.

How companies differentiate and position their product for maximum competitive advantage?

the companies differentiate and position their products as a competitive advantage through products,product packing,pricing,after sales services.

Does Perth Hotels have competitive pricing?

Given the wide range of Perth accommodations available at area hotels, competitive rates can be found to enable a visitor to enjoy all the city has to offer.

Is there a difference in pricing between satellite and cable Tv?

The 2 industries are very competitive,they are constant proce wars going on.

What is the pricing strategy for McDonald?

Mc Donalds follows Value pricing as it offers its products at a much cheaper rate as compared to its competitors like KFC etc.It also uses bundling strategy by offering combo packs to increase overall combination with competitive pricing.

Psychological pricing means IN MARKETING TERMS?

In marketing terms it is a strategic approach to the pricing of products in a competitive environment. The pricing is done not by the economics of the product but more by the appeal that can be made from it's price. The product is given value through it's price rather than it's function.

Where to find a company that deals in discount car rentals at fair pricing?

I have heard good things about Expedia. The pricing is fair and competitive! Of course it is always good to shop around so another place I would try is Orbitz. They have all kind of comparable pricing for you to look up.

what are the best plans and carriers in Austin, TX, and to the SW?

TMobile offers great coverage in the entire Southwest Corridor and very competitive pricing.

Competitive advantages of Hilton hotel?

training and development added value(sports court, swimming pool etc) advertisement sales technique pricing policies location quality management these are all example of Hilton competitive advantage

How competitive is RACV insurance compared to other companies in Victoria?

RACV does its best to provide competitive pricing compared to other insurance companies in Victoria. They also provide a broad range of various automotive and travel services to their members.

What does noncompetitive mean?

Non- not, no, negativeCompetitive-really wants to win, competitionyou are not a competitive person

What is Market Penetration Pricing?

Market penetration pricing is a pricing strategy that many companies use to enter a competitive market. Market penetration pricing is usually very low and coupled with consumer incentives to gather market share. This method if done on a massive scale can cause falling costs industry wide thus allowing further penetration by further allowing the reduction of introductory prices.

Why is a Monopoly markets undesirable RELATIVE to perfect competitive market discuss?

In Monopoly, there is no market power as the monopoly firm is the only supplier and holds pricing power. However in a perfect competitive market, prices are set by interaction of supply and demand. This is why monopoly markets are undesirable relative to perfect competitive market.