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What does controversial mean?

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Controversial means of a disputed nature, meaning, or value.

The word derives from two Latin words - 'contra' meaning against and 'verto' meaning turn. So it means something that is disputed, such as an opinion that others disagree with, or an idea that isn't generally acceptable. It's the adjective that comes from controversy.

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What is in other word mean controversial?

Scandalous is the same as controversial.

What does the latin affix contra mean in controversial?


What is the right spelling for a word controversial?

The correct spelling is controversial.Some example sentences are:The plan was very controversial.Critics were quick to point out how controversial the politician's suggestion was.They are a very controversial cult.

What is a controversial quotation?

A quotation that is controversial.

What does it mean to become a workplace distraction?

participating in controversial discussions that have nothing to do with the business of the workplace.

What is an example sentence for controversial?

The decision was a very controversial one.The activist group PETA has been known to use controversial tactics.

What part of speech is controversial?

Controversial is an adjective.

The second Amendment is controversial because it can interpret to mean that citizens have the right to?

Bear arms. (have weapons)

What is a simple sentence for the word controversial?

Gun control is a controversial subject. The author is controversial because of his religious views. The controversial landfill was eventually closed by the city.

What is a sentence for the word controversial?

The school board issued a controversial proposal to ban baggy pants.The existence of Bigfoot is controversial.The controversial author debated his critics at the symposium.Controversial topics include almost anything dealing with politics or religion.The subject of abortion is always controversial.

Why is heritage controversial and debated?

Why heritage is controversial and debated

What does stir the possum mean?

incite, cause trouble, dissent, to raise controversial issues, create a disturbance.

Should parents be consulted about controversial picture books in their child's preschool?

I am not sure what you mean about “controversial picture books”. Generally children’s books are not controversial unless the parents have a particular view and essentially this is their problem and could be considered censorship. No, parents do not have the right to be consulted concerning materials in a preschool. They have the option of removing the child, talking to the child, or just not making a big deal about what they consider controversial.

Sentence using the word Controversial?

my sister is always controversial.

How can you make a sentence using controversial?

Abortion is a controversial topic.

Why is Bilingual education controversial?

because the congress wanted to make it controversial and that was why (:

Can you make a sentence using controversial?

The political matter was rather controversial.

How do you pronounce controversial?

Controversial is pronounced (kon-truh-vur-shal)

Where is the syllable stress on the word controversial?

Controversial is stressed on the third syllable.

What does contraversial mean?

Controversial means a topic that has many different opinions and causes debates. Such as abortion or Capital Punishment.

What does controversial laws mean?

Laws that are not popular or even agreed with everyone. There is some disagreement with wording or ways they are enacted.

How do you use the word controversial in a sentence?

Controversial means debatable or arguable.The nomination of Rush Limbaugh for the Nobel Peace Prize was controversial.The awarding of the Peace Prize to President Obama was also controversial.Please do not ask any more controversial questions, as there are far too many disputes over the proper answer.The author of the controversial book was confronted by an angry mob.

Why are stem cells controversial?

Stem cells aren't controversial, stem cell research is. See related link for the answer to why stem-cell research is controversial.

How would you put controversial in a sentence?

Michael Moore and Oliver Stone are known for making controversial movies. He's a candidate with a controversial stance on civil rights. Rush Limbaugh is a radio host known for his controversial views.

The Second Amendment is controversial because it can interpreted to mean that citizens have the right to?

bear arms,, or own guns in other words