What does credit cards do?

A credit card issued by a Bank giving the holder an option to use funds, mostly at sales point. You can pay your utility bills online or can do E-shop from online shopping portals. A credit card comes with certain benefits, fees and reward points. These are some explained benefits of a credit card:

Save Time and travel no need to search of ATM or keeping cash in pocket.

Track your Expenses
Credit card helps you to Track and maintain your Expenses History.

Low Cost loan
You can rotate your Credit to save today when your cash is available next week.

Quick Cash
When you are running out of cash, you can withdraw from ATM via Credit Card.

Cash Back Offer
Most of credit card offer you cash back offer on what you spend from credit card.

Reward Point
Credit Card gives you reward point you on the amount you spend but instead of cash you earn them in Point form, When you collect a certain number of reward point, you can redeem these reward point for gift voucher, movie ticket, Digital or Electrical appliances, lifestyle product and so on.

Some shop or E-Commerce portal or Airline offer Discount

Cut Cost on Overseas Spending
Most of Debit/Credit card charge you a foreign loading fees, but Some Credit Card waive off foreign loading fees.